Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5335 12.03.1952

Special mission: Fighting for truth ....

As a result of your willingness to serve, your mission is carried out conscientiously and you are true workers in My vineyard. Therefore you were given tasks which are not suitable for everyone, which require a special willingness and are of extreme importance .... You shall fight for truth .... It is certainly very necessary to preach love, since no-one can gain beatitude without love, yet spiritually enlightened people can handle the preaching ministry, even if they have no fighting spirit .... anyone can inspire love who has love himself .... The battle for truth, however, requires a special aptitude, knowledge of truth and a fighting spirit which supports what is right and true, as well as an extremely strong faith in My Word .... for a person can only endorse what he recognises as truth, what he does not doubt because it has been conveyed to him by the 'Eternal Truth'.

In order to support truth convincingly he first has to be firmly convinced of it himself and this, in turn, requires a life of love .... so that My spirit can work in him. Hence his love for his fellow human being has to motivate him to convey the truth to him too, and therefore he will proceed against falsehood and error with passion .... These are the kind of servants I need on earth during the last days before the end .... And this mission is so important that I will help these servants especially by preparing the field of their activity in every way .... by helping them in spiritual as well as in earthly difficulties, by smoothing their path of earthly life, and by strengthening and encouraging them into ever more wholehearted spiritual activity to make their mission successful. The presence of lies and error make it difficult for the light to penetrate ....

Where a field is covered by weeds, good seeds cannot develop and the field has effectively become worthless to its owner. And therefore My servants first have to remove the weeds, which is an extremely laborious task that requires perseverance and strength .... Where lies and error have established themselves in human hearts, the cleansing process can only be carried out with unyielding vigour .... the representative of truth must relentlessly uncover everything that contradicts the pure truth, consequently he himself has to own what he wants to give to his fellow human beings .... He should not uphold the result of his personal thinking .... albeit it can also be true if he is enlightened by My spirit. Yet the extraordinary work of My spirit within him should give him the self-confidence to take courageous action against error and falsehood. And, being enlightened, he will know where error and falsehood are present .... he will confront them with pure truth and not allow himself to be disconcerted by opposition, by hostility or persecution, he will boldly fight with the sword of his tongue and be fully convinced that he has the truth ....

I need servants on earth who fear no-one and will do anything for their Lord .... I need people with a strong faith and a firm will, with an absolute love for truth and a realisation of the immense spiritual hardship. And when I find them I will prepare them first by conveying the truth to them and acquaint them with their mission. I will educate them to become fearless advocates, I will enlighten their spirit Myself so that they will clearly recognise where and when their intervention is necessary, where and when they are confronted by lies and error in order to publicly denounce it. Not every labourer in My vineyard can cope with this task, because the opposition has already grown too strong, because people are happy to live in falsehood which allows them a comfortable life, whereas pure truth requires self-denial, which they don't want to muster. Knowing this, My servant therefore has to honestly reveal the consequences of incorrect thoughts and misguided teachings and should not shy away from telling the supporters of error the truth to their faces. For good seed cannot be sown and flower until the field has been cleared of weeds, which are useless and have to be relentlessly destroyed. Truth must and will prepare the way, and therefore I will bless every bearer of truth and support his work for Me and My kingdom, just as I will smooth his earthly path so that he can carry out the work for which I have chosen him ....



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