Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5384 06.05.1952

Communion ....

The spiritual communion, the link of the spiritual spark in yourselves with the eternal Father-Spirit, can only be established through love .... You can certainly associate with Me in thought through heartfelt prayer, in which case you call Me and I draw close to you, but it remains a call from afar as long as you are without love; no heartfelt relationship has yet been established which, however, will instantly happen through actions of love. Then you will be closely connected with Me at the same time and in this state you will be able to take supper with Me, i.e. I Myself can provide the nourishment for your soul .... I can give you the bread of heaven, My Word, which you can only hear when you allow Me to be present in you, thus when you entered into communion with Me. To commune therefore means to accept flesh and blood .... My Word and its strength .... from My hand, for which it is absolutely essential that a human heart is alive with love or My presence is unthinkable .... No human being will ever be able to speak of My presence who does not prove his love to Me through unselfish neighbourly love. No human being will ever be able to unite with his eternal Father who does not regard his fellow human being as his brother, who is without love for him and therefore can never love the Father either, Whose child is the fellow human being ....

You should realise that only love unites the child with the Father, that the human being only enters the child relationship through love, and that the child will then receive the gift of food and drink at the Father's table and need never again suffer hardship .... And the most delectable gift a human being can receive is My Word, it is truly refreshing and strengthening, and where My Word is spoken My presence is proven, whereas, alternatively, My presence is unthinkable without an expression of strength. And since I Am strength and light Myself I also reveal Myself to people as light and strength, by being present in anyone whose actions of love allow My presence in him. But light and strength flow from My Word, light and strength are needed by the souls for higher development, thus light and strength are the nourishment I offer to the soul when the human being takes supper with Me, when he is My guest and in closest relationship with Me finds a response to his love ....

This alone is to be understood as Communion, only in this way do I want the Last Supper to be understood to which I invite you all, which I instituted with the Words: 'Take and eat, take and drink .... this is my body, this is my blood ....' You should take the nourishment for your soul from My hand and this necessitates the close relationship with Me which cannot be established in any other way but through love ....




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