Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5461a 14.08.1952

The inner Word ....
Light ....
Truth ....

The divine spirit instructs you correctly and if you allow it to speak you cannot live in error, for then God Himself will reveal the pure truth to you through His spirit, He will give to you what you ask for or what you need .... For He gives with love and wisdom as it benefits each person's soul. Consequently, wherever God's love and wisdom is working you humans only receive that which helps to advance your soul's maturity. And at the same time the attribute of divine activity is shown, if it helps the soul to progress, if it therefore has an educational value so that it helps a person to attain perfection. You can use this as a guideline if you are in doubt as to whether you should accept something as divine activity .... Everything that helps a person to become psychologically mature is good and should therefore be acknowledged as being imparted to a person through God's spirit. Nevertheless, it still has to be scrutinised in which way God's spirit has affected the person who wants this spiritual information to be acknowledged as divine revelation. God's spirit puts thoughts into order, in a manner of speaking, it enlightens a person's thinking, and thus he can't help himself but to think and speak as is right. His intellect starts to function in the right way, and one can therefore speak of virtuous thinking which is in accordance to God's will, which can result in many blessings for fellow human beings, because the former will never speak anything but good and on behalf of God and is therefore also especially blessed. And God will always guide his thoughts correctly if he wants to speak on His behalf and His kingdom .... Hence, the divine spirit certainly works in every person yet not so conspicuously that God expresses Himself through a person's mouth .... that therefore the divine voice Itself speaks in a person, who indeed speaks on behalf of God and His kingdom, yet not as an obvious instrument which is consciously of service to Him ....


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