Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5467 21.08.1952

Satan rages with increased power ....
Last days ....

The signs pointing to the end will grow .... And Satan's activity will emerge ever more distinctly, for all those who are striving towards Me will get to feel his hostile actions. He will try to plunge them into doubt and confusion, and often not without success. Even so, I will protect My Own and highlight his activity so that it will be evident to anyone who seriously aims towards Me. They are the signs of the time, for the forces of darkness work incessantly because the end is approaching .... Therefore I say to you: watch and pray and simply turn to Me at all times, then he will not be able to harm you. Light and darkness fight each other because the darkness hates the light and will therefore always manifest itself as a shadow where a bright light is shining. But I also have the power to dispel such shadows, and the light will shine brighter than ever. Yet you may never enjoy harmony, it will remain a constant battle with My adversary for as long as you live on earth. Up to the end he will make an effort to harm you because he knows that he has lost you, and because he believes he can regain you again. Hostilities on the part of his enslaved followers will mount ever more the brighter you shine, which he can see full well. Nevertheless, he hates the light because he hates the truth, and as a result he fights the truth .... Therefore, for as long as your effort on earth is to spread the truth, to carry My Word to your fellow human beings, he will also pursue you as an enemy and will try to corrupt you. And he will publicly attack the truth, he will try to defame you all, who support the truth, he will portray you as imposters in order to also undermine the spiritual information you advocate .... and yet, he will not succeed against you because I Myself stand behind you and the truth. However, he will succeed in scattering you, My representatives, he will succeed in isolating you because cooperation is not to his liking since he expects to be more successful by fighting the individual. Yet even then I will still protect the light, the pure truth, which he will not be able to invalidate. However, you should watch and pray .... for you are always at risk of weakening if you don't call upon Me for protection against all hostilities by the adversary. For the end is near, and even if he rages with increased power .... his time has come to be bound, as it is written. And the truth will prevail and help everyone towards beatitude who listens and accepts the light which I let shine in order to help them escape the spiritual darkness, the night of death, to attain light, to attain life and, through the truth, become blissfully happy ....



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