Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5487 15.09.1952

Desire for light in the beyond ....
Spiritual conversations ....

The desire for light in the beyond is very strong in those who have recognised that the degree of bliss depends on a certain extent of awareness which they, however, are lacking. These are beings which cannot be denied having possessed some integrity on earth, which had made an effort to do what is right and fair yet did not believe in a higher Power, in the continuation of the soul's life, in a spiritual kingdom. This unbelief also made them unreceptive for spiritual knowledge on earth, they lacked the will to believe. As a result they considered everything of a spiritual nature that was presented to them by believers as unreal and untrue. They lacked the will to learn something about it because of their unbelief, but also because earthly life appeared so extraordinarily important to them that they only worked and achieved for it .... In the kingdom of the beyond, however, they gradually begin to realise the reality of the spiritual realm and yet they are unable to clearly recognise their own existence and situation.

They don't know what is real and what is unreal, they see vague images which they don't understand, they are stimulated to think and yet cannot cope on their own .... And they long for light, for clarification and are grateful if it is given to them .... But their lack of faith makes it more difficult for the teachers in the spiritual kingdom to be believed, because everything seems unacceptable to them due to the attitude they had on earth. Nevertheless, they constantly strive for clarification, they want to know the truth and therefore it will also be conveyed to them. Thus they concede that the kingdom of the beyond is real, because the knowledge of earthly life had not been entirely taken away from them. They are already convinced of a life after death and this conviction impels them to untiringly look for what they are missing .... for light .... and they linger wherever the information can be given to them .... And yet they can only be given light once they are stimulated by love to work with it .... The reason why so many a soul is without light, without knowledge, for an indescribably long time despite its desire for it is due to the fact that it has no sympathy for equally suffering souls .... because it only wants light for selfish reasons and therefore it cannot be provided with it as yet.

But people who had endeavoured to be of service to their fellow human beings on earth, be it through inventions, advice or instructions will also want to do the same in the kingdom of the beyond and therefore can often be very quickly informed of the right knowledge, because then they will also want to be of service and be able to work for the benefit of uninformed souls. Yet knowledge will not be forcibly imparted to any being, it has to be sincerely desired and keenly sought after .... Then it will still be up to the soul to form its own opinion about the imparted light; but this will not fail to have the desired effect if the soul has the sincere will to use it correctly .... The teachings of people on earth can therefore result in great blessings if they always remember that numerous souls are present and take part during every spiritual conversation, that the instructions should therefore also be conducted in the spirit of love which affects these souls as well and removes all wilful rejection from them .... Anyone in possession of true spiritual knowledge shall also pass it on to all who are in need of it .... and often consider the souls in the beyond which are sometimes more willing to accept it than people on earth, who, in their illusive life, still would like to reject everything that relates to a life in the beyond. Good and bad conversations are echoed in the kingdom of the beyond .... Always remember this and constantly try to think and speak such that the souls in the beyond will be able to learn, that they will gladly listen to you and always derive a benefit for themselves, and you will always be surrounded by souls who also want to be of service to you, their strength permitting .... You can spread light in every way, and you will always find grateful students in the light-hungry souls of the beyond, and your work for the kingdom of God will be blessed ....



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