Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5507 14.10.1952

Every day is a gift ....

Every day is still a gift for you which you should use wisely, for you will never be able again to catch up on that which you neglect to do on earth, even if it is still possible for you to continue your higher development in the spiritual kingdom. However, you can achieve far more on earth because you have strength at your disposal which you will lack in the spiritual realm if you have failed on earth. It will be a completely different situation for your soul once it has left the body if it has no spiritual strength to take along, which it is certainly able to acquire here on earth and which will signify an incredible wealth for the soul in the spiritual kingdom. Here on earth it can be active and gather spiritual possessions every hour and every day .... but in the beyond it requires support from loving beings in order to receive just a small gift of strength, and ruefully it will remember the time it wasted on earth the moment it realises what it had neglected to do. Every day you still live on earth is a gift from God, where you can be freely active and able to acquire much for yourselves, yet you will only gain spiritual possessions by using this time in keeping with God's will, hence you are always admonished accordingly, because every day will be irrevocably lost if you don't live with eternity in mind, if you only use it to meet worldly requirements, since you only attain earthly possessions which are transient.

The end will come to each one of you before long, only a few will live to see the final end, but the majority will already be recalled before they descend into the abyss. For the last days will make great demands on a person's free will who should work for his soul but only takes cares of and works for the body. Only few people will avail themselves of the last days as is necessary to be able to enter the realm of light, however, most people fail to consider their soul, they don't listen to the admonitions and warnings which God's love and mercy still sends to them, they do not believe .... and that will be their downfall .... And God's mercy will prematurely remove those from earth where the possibility still exists that they will be able to ascend on the other side, if only under far more difficult conditions than on earth. Yet where this prospect is no longer given people will keep their physical life until the end in order to then approach a dreadful fate due to their total failure .... to be engendered into material creations again for the purpose of advancing again from the abyss to the pinnacle .... Every day is still a gift for you humans which you should use to the best of your ability .... Live life according to God's will and only be active and work for the life of your soul, for the earth will disappear and with it everything that exists on it ....



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