Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5528 08.11.1952

Persecution of the disciples of the last days ....

Just like My first disciples you will be severely attacked when the time comes that people will have to decide for or against Me. Then everyone who is for Me, who defends Me and My name before the world, will be treated with hostility and you will need much strength in order to be able to resist their demands to renounce Me and to revoke everything you upheld until then. All the same, you will not be afraid, for just as My disciples you will, permeated by My spirit, gladly confess who your Lord is, and you will always want to remain loyal to Me, and since you know of My might and strength you will not fear those who are certainly able to kill your body but are unable to kill your soul. And I will bless you for upholding My name, for admitting to your fellow human beings that He alone is your strength. Although you will be persecuted just like My first disciples you will not feel quite so distressed by everything the enemy of souls wants to inflict upon you .... it will bounce off you because you are protected by the shield of faith. And just like My disciples you will even then still win people over for Me, who are led to faith by your example and who recognise in My name a strength to Which they willingly entrust themselves .... And they, too, will receive the reward I promised to all those who believe in Me .... they, too, will reap eternal life and be admitted into the kingdom of light. But only those will openly profess Me who have found Me, who became enlightened by My Word, who attained a living faith through love and are also fully convinced that I will deliver them from all adversity of body and soul ....

However, anyone who has not attained this living faith prior to the battle of faith will easily relinquish it; he will be enticed by the world and thoughtlessly abandon what should be his highest possession on this earth .... he will relinquish Me because he never properly recognised Me. But you, My disciples of the last days, you shall stand firm, and the strength to do so will be given to you in abundance, for your will to remain loyal to Me also guarantees My help and My unlimited flow of strength. You can only lose your earthly life but even this will not come to an end until it is My will; but then you will exchange it with a glorious life in the spiritual kingdom. But you will not let go of Me again regardless of how much you are promised by the one who can indeed give you earthly wealth but not eternal beatitude .... You will certainly still have to battle on this earth yet victory is assured to you, for you will fight with Me and on My behalf, you will argue for My name and My teaching, you will argue for truth, for light, for your happiness ....



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