Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5545 30.11.1952

Complete devotion to God ensures paternal care ....

Consider yourselves My prot�g�s and an inner calm will engulf you. All responsibility is taken from you when you faithfully give yourselves to Me and leave Me to rule your lives. And I will guide you well indeed .... You should call on Me in times of earthly as well as of spiritual need but then faithfully await My decision because you don't know what is good for you; I, however, do know and treat you like a loving Father who only wants the best for His children. Therefore let yourselves be guided by Me and don't be worried, because I will truly guide you well ....

An earthly child's complete surrender to its Heavenly Father is a monumental event since it will achieve everything due to its faith in Him. This faith is not yet present where doubt and anxious worries about the future still depress a human heart, the human being has not yet handed himself over to Me and is therefore still carrying a heavier burden than necessary. I know all your worries, no thought escapes Me, I know your innermost feelings and thus I also know what a person needs .... And that is what I want to give to him .... But I also want to give him the faith which is still absent and thus I will not take his worries away until He has found faith and entrusts all problems to Me. But then they will leave him, then he will have no more doubts and reservations, then he will be fully at peace and certain of My help ....

Therefore, as long as the future worries you, as long as you still have anxious thoughts, you are not yet sufficiently united with Me to feel as My prot�g�s because this perception eliminates all fear and worry. You might as well be indifferent about earthly demands as you are unable to master them without My help. Therefore, trust in Me and everything will turn out for the best. And if you cannot see the best in something then trust Me anyway because I can see what is good or bad for you, I rule with love and wisdom and only want the best for you. But only total surrender to Me, complete surrender of your will to Mine, safeguards My paternal care and you can stop worrying. You should always remember that, no matter what happens, nothing can happen without My will or My permission. And whatever happens is good because I watch over every human being, but even more so over those who want to serve Me and who, as My workers, also enjoy the protection of the custodian of the house .... Whoever takes flight into My arms like a child will be accepted as a child and he will enjoy the Father's protection and all His love .... Your earthly lives could be easy if you heeded My Words and handed your problems over to Me, Who loves you and wants to help you achieve inner peace and a living faith, Who is with you whenever you call upon Him ....



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