Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5564 25.12.1952

The Father's voice ....

You should recognise the Father's voice in every Word that is sent to you from above. It is My spirit which speaks to you, it is My strength which flows to you, it is light from My light which shines upon you, it is the Word which My infinite love forms for you so that you can understand Me, so that you shall fulfil My will, so that you shall be comforted in times of need and be instructed in all truthfulness. Only I can impart this truth to you .... your God and Father of eternity, Who instructs you so that you learn to know and love Him. For I want your love .... This is why I speak to you, who are unable to see Me and therefore don't strive towards Me either if you have no knowledge you can believe in. But it is My will that you should believe in Me and therefore I do whatever it takes in order to help you attain this belief .... I reveal Myself to you .... You humans are unable to judge the full significance of this gift of grace, the Lord of infinity, the eternal God and Creator Who brought everything into being which is visible to your eyes and Who created an infinite number of works which are invisible for you .... He lovingly draws near to you, He speaks to the individual person but through them also to all people. He reveals Himself to you .... And only a few people recognise My voice ....

But these few are spiritually enlightened, for anyone who is able to hear Me, who recognises Me Myself in the Word I convey to earth is also permeated by the strength of My spirit and therefore looks at all happenings, at everything around him and his experiences with completely different eyes .... My spirit illuminates his thinking and also provides him with clarification about all correlations; he is no longer able to doubt, precisely because he recognises Me Myself if I address him through My Word. Where My spirit is working, knowledge can be found and knowledge is light which penetrates the darkness .... But where on earth can you humans still find light? People live in darkness, they are spiritually unenlightened, they don't stop to think, and were they to think they would not come to any reliable result .... The darkness which exists on earth can only be dispelled by light from above. However, I Am always willing to kindle a light in you, I Am always willing to permeate you with the strength of My spirit if only you were willing to accept the Words of My love, if only you opened your hearts to Me in order to let the flow of My love pour in, if only you humans desired to hear Me .... It is My wish that you should learn to love Me, therefore you must listen to Me, you must accept My revelations and you will become enlightened, then you will penetrate the mysteries of My eternal love, My eternal plan of Salvation, you will recognise yourselves and your earthly task, you will recognise Me and grant Me your love, and you will yearn to hear the sound of My voice forever ....



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