Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5571a 06.01.1953

Formalities, ceremonies ....
True church service ....

Search for the core and take no pleasure in the shell .... I urge you to remember that no external formality will bring you humans one step forward, that only your inner life needs to come to life, that only spiritual aspiration will result in spiritual success. As long as you still value formalities, as long as you still allow yourselves to be captivated by ceremonies, you are still not looking inwardly, for as soon as your spiritual eye turns inwards everything outside of you will seem like a shadow to you. You close your eyes and turn away from external splendours and ceremonial acts because then you will see the true light in yourselves which is emanating from Me, which I will ignite in every person who is truly striving to establish the right bond with Me, who is working to improve himself .... who genuinely and truly is looking for Me .... I will let Myself be found by him, and then he will also understand why I want to be called upon in spirit and in truth .... Just consider that My kingdom is not of this world .... Consequently, everything of this world is a barrier to the spiritual world, to My kingdom, where material things no longer exist. Consider that all matter is still controlled by he who rules the world, and that it is his work which offers you eye dazzling material brilliance and splendour in order to darken Me inside of you, in order to keep you from true spiritual endeavour. Consider that he will use everything which still belongs to him in order to endanger you. Anyone who genuinely seeks to contact Me should go into his closet and call for Me there, i.e. he should withdraw into silence and turn his thoughts inwards, and he will surely find Me. But a person will hardly be able to collect his thoughts where the world confronts him so visibly, where his eyes can only ever behold without true inner prayer ....

I cannot be found where I Am proclaimed in a manner which is mere idolatry, because homage is being paid to the idol which is still animating matter .... My kingdom is not of this world .... My Words are so clear and everyone should be able to understand them, and anyone who sincerely strives for Me and My kingdom will understand them too. But you will not find My kingdom in this world, which still belongs to My adversary .... Let go of all external things if you want to be of real service to Me, just hold on to My teaching of love, follow it willingly and you will serve Me in a way that will truly please Me ....


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