Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5607 20.02.1953

Rapture ....

Only a small flock will be able to see Me in all My glory at the end of the earth, and this flock will be lifted to heaven before their fellow human beings' eyes, who face spiritual and physical death. For as soon as the former have left the earth it will fall prey to destruction, which means that everything that lives in, on and above the earth will be consumed by flames which burst through the earth and do not spare a single work of creation. Yet My Own will not be affected by this work of destruction, for I will take them away first, and the sight of their sudden departure will horrify people, for My Own will disappear to heaven before their very eyes. But only My Own will be able to see Me Myself when I arrive in all splendour and glory. For the others I will remain invisible, because no one enslaved by My adversary will ever behold Me in My glory. But by the time they regain their senses after the supernatural phenomenon of rapture, their end will already have come .... the earth will open and devour all those who are and remain disloyal to Me.

The event of the rapture is not comprehensible to people of this earth, for something entirely unlawful will take place, something unnatural, which will remain unbelievable to all those who do not believe in Me and do not know My eternal plan of Salvation .... And yet it will happen as I announce it to you .... I will move the bodies of living human beings to a place of peace in an instant, but they themselves will consciously experience this event and be full of joy and praise for Me .... For they will have passed the test of faith, then they shall receive the reward for their love and faith in Me, and I will open paradise for them .... A new period of Salvation will start and My Own will become the root of the new generation on the new earth .... Only faith can comprehend this, intellect, however, will resist it and doubt until the day comes ....



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