Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5686 27.05.1953

Right prayer is the bridge to God ....
Jesus Christ ....
The bridge to Me is the prayer ....

There is no insurmountable gulf between us, for your prayer will always bridge it as soon as it is a prayer in spirit and in truth .... And the prayer's depth of feeling determines the length of the path to Me. You can enter into direct contact with Me if you speak to Me like a child speaks to its Father. For then I will be with you, then every distance will have been overcome, then you will have breezed across the gulf between us and come close to Me, for I comply with your call and come to meet you as soon as I hear the voice of your heart. Do you now know the exquisite means at your disposal in order to come to Me, do you know what effective gift of grace prayer is for you? Due to your imperfection you are still far away from Me as your God and Creator of eternity, yet I do not deny you to enter into a dialogue with Me and draw close to you as a Father, Who also embraces his still imperfect children with love and takes account of their faults and weaknesses. I listen to you as soon as you speak to Me in childlike faithful prayer. Yet on the other hand, you can only pray to Me correctly if you believe in Me, thus every prayer in spirit and in truth requires your belief in Me, in My love, wisdom and might .... If, however, you believe in Me, then every word will also arise from your heart, then it will no longer be a formal prayer, then only the child will speak with its Father .... and then it will also achieve everything that is only in its best interest. But in order for you to have a living relationship with Me you must also be able to have the right concept of Me, Who gives you the opportunity for this as the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Imagine your Saviour in His overwhelming love that embraces all of you humans, and remember His suffering and His death on the cross on behalf of sinful humankind and you will also be able to love Him in return, to confide in Him and to tell Him whatever weighs you down, and you will, because He Himself was a human being just like you, be able to expect complete understanding from Him for all your suffering and adversities, and you will turn to Him, Who is your friend and brother, Who due to His love wants to help all of you, Who wants to draw you to Himself into the celestial kingdom in order to make you forever blissfully happy. I Myself became a visible God for you in the Saviour Jesus Christ, and if you offer your love to Him you also give your love to Me, your God and Father of eternity, for He and I are one, and anyone who sees Him sees Me, Who lived on earth as the human being Jesus in order to gain your love, in order to sacrifice Myself for love of you, who were wretched in your sinful state and in your infinite distance from Me would have had to perish had I not established a bridge in order to make the path to Me passable .... You all can cross the bridge if you speak to Jesus, your Saviour and Redeemer, in heartfelt prayer, if you love Him and therefore also comply with His simple commandments. Then you will also be allowed to experience His love, He will help you spiritually and bodily. He will guide you and smooth all paths which lead upwards to Him, into His kingdom, to eternal life ....




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