Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5699 16.06.1953

'You truly have a Father' ....
Father and child relationship ....

Nothing would be impossible for you if you united yourselves with Me, if you appealed to Me for strength .... if you thus let Me Myself work through you. You just do not have sufficient faith as yet, and as long as you doubt you are preventing Me yourselves from working in accordance with your will. Yet you should try to gain this faith. Place yourselves into the position of talking to Me with childlike trust, so that you really feel like children who come to the Father in every difficulty, be it of a spiritual or earthly nature. Were you able to establish this relationship with Me you would no longer doubt that I would grant your request. For if you address Me as your Father you will also be convinced of My love which turns to My children and grants them help in every adversity. You truly have a Father, you are not orphaned children, you have One Who knows your difficulties and worries, Who only wants to be called upon because He desires the love of His children and wants to respond to it .... How richly blessed you are indeed .... You have a Father in heaven Who is stronger than all the powers in the world, Who therefore can also avert everything that affects you on part of the world .... And because you have such a powerful and loving Father nothing is impossible for you either, because I always will stand by you with My strength, because you only have to believe firmly in order to prompt Me into expressing My power. As long as you are distant from Me you will also be helpless, but as soon as you establish a heartfelt connection with Me My strength will have to flow over to you, and then you will achieve and be able to do everything, and there will be no restriction for you, for all limitations disappear where My strength is being used. Just have absolute faith in your heavenly Father's love and all worries will dwindle, they will always be removed at the right time, because you determine the time yourselves by the strength of your faith .... Amen

I want to bless your work and guide your thoughts and grant that you will act according to My will. Therefore give your spiritual work priority over your earthly occupation, which I then will also bless and provide you with spiritual support where earthly strength seems to be insufficient. And since I bless you everything will succeed, since I bless you, you cannot be attacked by evil forces, for My blessing erects a protective shield behind which you can feel secure, a protective shield which disperses everything which is hostile, because My protective hand is upon you as long as you work for Me and My kingdom .... I want to be a good caretaker to all of you as soon as you work as My servants in My vineyard, as soon as you are of service to Me and aim to extend My kingdom on earth .... And you shall not lack anything, I will furnish you with strength, and you will thus carry out your redemption work for which I appointed you in the last days before the end ....



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