Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5700 17.06.1953

What is truth? ....
Where can it be found? ....

You humans have to be informed of the truth in order to be able to fulfil the purpose of your earthly life .... But what is truth? And how can you attain truth?

God Himself is the eternal truth, and therefore anyone who desires truth has to turn to God Himself and ask Him for the truth. There is no other way but this direct one, for even if it is offered to someone in a different way he will only be able to recognise it as truth if he prays to God for the enlightenment of his spirit, for the right kind of thinking. Thus a person has to acknowledge God first, he has to believe in Him .... And this faith will only be alive in him, it will only have become his inner conviction, if he lives a life of love, for faith will only come alive through love. Love is the key to wisdom, love guarantees correct thinking that corresponds to the truth, for love, truth and God are one ....

You humans first have to adopt the fundamental truth that love is the first condition for correct thinking, that you can only speak of an enlightened spirit if you make the effort to live a life of love, which is to be understood as selfless neighbourly love and through which you also express your love for God. You humans ought to know that where love is, God Himself is also present, and where God is, there is also love .... You ought to know that it is God's will to lead you into the pure truth, that He does not want to withhold anything from you, that you shall change your state of ignorance into a state of realisation and that He is at all times willing to guide you into the truth but that you first have to fulfil the conditions if you want to live within the truth. You should not assume yourselves capable of being able to ascertain the truth with your intellect alone, for your intellectual thinking will move into the wrong direction as long as God is excluded, just as the will for truth, the serious request for it, has to be present, which God considers to be the request for Himself, for He Himself is the truth of eternity .... And prerequisite for this sincere request is the fact that the person is willing to relinquish his prior knowledge in exchange for pure truth, that he opens himself to the knowledge he is allowed to receive after he has proven his faith in God with his sincere appeal for spiritual enlightenment, for receiving the pure truth. God will impart the truth to anyone who seriously desires it, and He will give him the power of realisation at the same time ....

But what is to be understood by truth in this context? .... It is the truth coming from God, which is earthly not verifiable .... it concerns problems which occupy every thinking person, which he would like to solve and which are insolvable by purely rational means .... It is the knowledge of the very first beginning and the ultimate goal of everything in existence .... the knowledge of meaning and purpose of creation, of meaning and purpose of earthly life .... it is the knowledge of all correlations between the Creator with His living beings and creations .... It is the answer to all questions which you humans are unable to answer intellectually, rather, for which you cannot provide the evidence for the accuracy of your answer .... You can only ever assume and think correctly or wrongly .... God, however, gives you the truth .... if you comply with His conditions ....

And this pure truth shall be presented to everyone. It is up to you humans whether you want to accept it, whether you adjust your attitude such that you will recognise it as truth, for you have free will .... And even the most precious spiritual information will not compel an acceptance, for it is offered to you in a way that you can accept or reject it, depending on your attitude towards Him, towards faith and towards love ....




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