Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5720 10.07.1953

The right kind of prayer ....
Relationship of a child with the Father ....

You humans should believe that you can get anything you want from Me if only you pray to Me in the right way .... And an earthly father will not deny his child anything if it trustingly asks him for something, an earthly father cannot refuse anything to the child because he loves it with all his heart and also wants to possess the child's love. An earthly father, however, is a person with weaknesses and shortcomings compared to your Father in heaven, Whose love is far deeper for His children, whose love He desired from the beginning. It is My children's will which separated them from Me, which turned them towards My adversary and which I desire to have. And I accept that this will applies to Me if a person calls upon Me in prayer, if it is the right kind of prayer which demonstrates the child's call for the Father. Then the human being will be on the path of return to Me, then I will already have won My child back, and then My love shall be willing to give what it takes in order to also win My child's love, so that it will never ever turn away from Me again..

But people's prayers are rarely what they should be .... they might still pray to their God but not to the Father, and their prayers have no strength for they lack childlike trust as well as the faith that I will answer their prayer .... And this is not a sign of the right relationship between a child and its Father, they are still too distant from Me, they merely try and then are even more unbelieving when their prayer was in vain .... First learn to recognise the Father in Me and then speak to Me, then you will find out for yourselves how much more effective your prayer can be. Your adversity is intended to make you aware of the fact that you are unable to achieve anything with your own strength and that, in your helplessness, you should and are able to turn to the One who is powerful, Who can and also wants to help you because He loves you .... In this awareness you will feel yourselves as His children and then in humble and heartfelt prayer present your adversity to Him and He will help you, keeping true to His promise: Ask, and it shall be given you .... knock, and it shall be opened unto you ....



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