Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5746 13.08.1953

Spreading the Gospel on God's behalf ....

Influencing spiritual adversity should be your greatest concern; you should help to lead people back to faith, by imparting the truth give them something that seems credible to them, you should give to them what you received from Me Myself and lead them out of spiritual darkness which still keeps them captive and will bring about their ruin if they don't escape it before it is too late. The day of the end draws ever closer and humankind has no idea what is about to happen .... because it ignores what has been proclaimed since the beginning of this period of Salvation, because it does not believe what seers and prophets have predicted on My instructions. And thus it approaches the end totally unaware, for it rejects the knowledge with which it is presented because it considers it incredible .... And the only option left is to offer this knowledge to people time and again and to inform them that they are not offered human intellectual knowledge but that it has been conveyed to you by Me Myself in order to inform humanity of the forthcoming event .... I take pity on people that the end will find them unprepared, I take pity because the humanly distorted religious doctrines are the reason for their total unbelief, and because I would like to help them find the right belief I send you to meet them in order to instruct them in My name .... in order to offer them in all purity that which they have so far rejected because it was spoilt.

Give them food which is palatable and lets them desire more, so that their soul will be strengthened and they won't want to miss this nourishment for the soul anymore .... Spread My Gospel amongst the people and remember the great spiritual hardship which can only be remedied by passing on My Word, and don't exclude anyone, for all of those who do not yet belong to My church, who have no living faith in Me and My teaching as yet, suffer this hardship .... For it is a huge mistake that people belong to the church founded by Me if they merely verbally confess a school of thought, if they don't have a living faith and are subject to the working of the spirit .... These, however, know about the end, they know what to expect and that there is only little time left until the end .... Yet only a few know about it, because there are only a few in whom My spirit can work, who belong in truth to My church which I founded Myself. This is why spiritual hardship is so extensive, and this is why you should work diligently in order to still win people over for My church, in order to inform them of the near end and to caution them to eagerly work at improving their soul, so that it will not go lost when the end has come .... so that they, by belonging to My church, will remain faithful to Me during the last battle of faith until I come to fetch My Own into My kingdom .... Take My Word to them which will give them light and strength providing they are willing to hear and accept it in their hearts .... help them to find faith and lead them out of the great adversity before it is too late ....



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