Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5771 17.09.1953

Guests at the table of the Lord ....

Come to My table and you will receive food and drink as nourishment for your soul .... What more do you need than what serves to strengthen your soul? What can you be lacking when your soul is provided for .... when you first strive to benefit your soul .... Then you completely fulfil your purpose of earthly life and the body will also have what it needs as long as it is inhabited by the soul. And I surely know how long your soul needs its cover, how long you have to live on earth as a human being to achieve the necessary maturity for your soul. And for that time the body will be sustained too. Therefore, if you desire something from Me only for your soul you will receive plenty, your soul need not starve and the body will have in abundance too because you first make the effort to carry out My will, to receive My Word, to listen to Me, and therefore you are guests at the table of the Lord who are ready to receive. I forever want to give you food for your soul, I want you to feed yourselves with the bread of heaven, to accept My Word which provides strength for your soul to ascend.

And I want you to ask Me often for this, I want that you are always willing to listen to Me when I talk to you .... I constantly invite you to be My guests whom I want to refresh with bread and wine, with My flesh and My blood .... with everything that the soul needs to increase in light and strength .... And that is why I always send forth My servants to call people from the street into My welcoming house .... All are called to come to Me and be My guests if they want.

But My house is away from the broad road and thus they have to leave it if they want to find Me but they will never regret it because on the broad road they will never find the delicious refreshment they are offered at My table. And they always long for more, the more often they have been My guest. Yet they have to come to Me voluntarily because, although I send them messengers, I will not force anyone to come to My feast; however, those who refuse to follow My call will remain empty-handed since the world cannot offer what My love wants to give to them .... My Word, which is strength and light and life, to guide them into blissfulness ....



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