Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5779 30.09.1953

Battle of faith ....

The battle of faith still lies ahead of you and I want to find you prepared for this battle .... For this reason My great concern beforehand is to strengthen your faith and to introduce you to knowledge which totally explains to you what lies ahead of you, what is still to come before the end. You must believe in this end so that you can also understand everything, so that you can also understand the battle of faith, which is extremely significant for every individual person. It will not simply be a battle which will result in victory for one or the other of the fighting powers after a certain length of time .... It will be a battle which Satan's followers will wage against God .... a battle which will not involve earthly possessions but spiritual wealth, a battle in which the souls must decide which side they want to support, although people will also be adversely affected in an earthly way, yet only the soul will triumph or lose, and therefore the outcome of the battle will extend to eternity .... And therefore I will do whatever I can before in order to prepare people for this battle, in order to strengthen them and to inspire them with courage of conviction .... I will seek to increase the army of My fighters, not, because I want to win but because I want them to reap the fruit of a victory themselves, because I don't want them to descend, to become enslaved by My adversary anew and to remain captive again for an infinitely long time .... At the moment you humans pay little attention to faith, you are rather indifferent towards that which is important .... towards spiritual striving .... you must first be shaken up in order to form a serious opinion about faith .... And that will happen as soon as the battle of faith erupts, for then everyone will be requested to profess Me before the world or to deny Me, to give Me up. And only then will you stand up for Me, if your are conscientious, or abandon Me without hesitation .... for the sake of earthly advantages .... And since the end is very close, this decision is necessary, not before Me, since I know your will; however, you shall be encouraged to think about it once more because you won't do so of your own accord unless you are forced to do so by the earthly authority .... A few certainly exist who will dwell on it before and who, therefore, will also receive My obvious help by making it easy for them to understand, yet they are only a few, and since I would like to increase their number I will let them point out the end .... Yet these few will barely find credence, for those without spiritual aspiration do not consider an end of this earth possible, yet the manifestations of the last days will not fail to impress the still undecided who could become thoughtful and return to the faith if they are instructed correctly. Correct and truthful instruction can lead to great success where spoilt religious doctrines caused the apostasy from faith, where people are not unwilling to believe but took offence at misguided teachings. They can be won over again for Me and My kingdom, and for the sake of these few many more signs will still occur which will announce the near end and which will not remain without effect on them. The right decision of faith will only be made if such strength of faith exists which accepts all physical disadvantages resulting from it, for the human being with the right realisation knows what it is about and he will gladly give what is taken away from him so as not to endanger the life of the soul. It is the final test of will on this earth; the decision to profess Me before the world regardless of the earthly consequences will determine your fate in eternity. And only a strong and convinced faith will pass this final test, only a strong and convinced faith will stand firm until the end ....




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