Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5864 28.01.1954

The spirit of God works where He wants ....

The spirit of God works where He wants .... Only God knows where His spirit can express itself without resistance, only God knows where His revelations are accepted and obediently made use of, and only God knows whose inclinations allow the working of His spirit .... It is His will that truth shall find its way to people, and that erroneous beliefs and lies are brought to light so that the human being can identify them as such. It is His will that human beings find their way to happiness, which is always the way of the truth. And thus He is forever concerned to bring the truth to people because He has only one goal: the happiness of his living creations. On earth, which is ruled by His adversary, the truth will constantly be disputed and polluted by his influence; it will constantly be infiltrated by lies and errors, because it is God's adversary's aim to withhold the truth from people in order to prevent their realisation and aspiration towards God .... And thus the pure truth repeatedly has to be sent to earth from above, which can only happen by the working of the spirit .... by the outpouring of the spirit into a human being. And this person is chosen by God Himself ....

His spirit works where He wants .... The working of the spirit can only happen in a state of free will, God will never choose a human being and compel him to receive the pure truth .... It is entirely a matter of free will, and a will thus devoted to God is well known to Him .... hence such a will opens the human heart to receive the flow of God's spirit. But then it also guarantees an unblemished flow of spirit into the human being, since the fulfilment of God's requirements to send the pure truth to someone also raises a spiritual shield against impure, lightless influences; because a human being who has completely surrendered his will to God is now inside of God's sphere of light which may not be entered by the beings of darkness. It is God's will that the truth shall be sent to earth, and therefore it is reasonable that this can only happen through someone whose will has completely merged with God's will because it prevents the adversary slipping in .... because God Himself can now provide a guard, to which the person himself gives Him the right as a result of his devoted will. Because the working of His spirit results in the manifestation of a bright light within the human heart from which all beings of darkness take flight .... God's constant transmission of truth to earth is due to His love for His living creations whom He wants to guide towards happiness; and there should be no doubt that He now puts His will into action .... Hence He chooses people for Himself who are suitable to receive the truth from above, and for the sake of truth He will also protect them from accepting misleading notions, otherwise it would be impossible to impart the pure truth to humanity ....

But it has to be emphasized that only the transmission of spiritual values can be called an outpouring of the spirit .... that the transmission of the pure truth through the working of the spirit only relates to the knowledge of spiritual issues .... to divine-spiritual knowledge .... God can and will also instruct people mentally about earthly matters although the accuracy of their thoughts once again depends on the person's state of mind .... but the process of the outpouring of the spirit cannot be associated with earthly knowledge .... For this reason earthly and spiritual knowledge always have to be separated. They cannot both be included in the concept of 'transmission of divine truth' although the thoughts of a human being who makes an effort to live within the divine order can also be enlightened by the spirit and thus be truthful .... But verbal revelations intended to transmit the truth to earth have to be considered differently ....

As soon as you exclude all worldliness and make the spiritual kingdom the only goal of your desire, as soon as you intend to broaden your spiritual knowledge, as soon as you aim to improve the state of your soul by only accepting what helps your soul, in other words, as soon as you only focus on matters which ensure its eternal life and disregard the life of your body on this earth will you be striving towards the spirit. Then you will truly be guided by the spirit within you, it will communicate with you and instruct you from within to further the higher development of your soul. And then you can also receive divine revelations according to your soul's maturity, but they will only ever cast a light on the spiritual kingdom, on spiritual correlations, on the spiritual origin and objective of creation .... on everything your intellect could not work out by itself and which cannot be proven to you either for as long as you live on earth. However, you can solve worldly problems by virtue of your intellect - even though a truthful result is in fact also the result of enlightened thinking - when the human being's right and God-pleasing way of life strives to achieve this.

But the difference should be observed that the substance of divine revelations concerns the life of the soul, the spiritual development of the human being and the knowledge of origin and final goal, the knowledge of God's plan of Salvation since eternity .... The closer the human being is connected to God the more he will feel His influence, the more enlightened he becomes in his thinking, and the more assuredly he can also answer earthly questions, because he permits the working of the spirit within himself which directs and guides him even in his earthly life ....

Human beings are intended to receive divine-spiritual knowledge which can only arise by way of direct transmission from God to the human being, consequently the requirements have to be met to permit such a direct transmission. It is a divine plan, and the means to accomplishing it can only be known by God, and He chooses a useful instrument for Himself when it is necessary to transmit the pure truth in order to encourage and enable humanity to strive for higher development. Only God knows the human hearts, hence only God knows which earthly child meets the requirements to receive divine-spiritual knowledge.

And this is whom He chooses .... The spirit of God moves where He wants .... His spirit certainly flows into an appropriate vessel because it concerns an extremely significant rescue mission .... to penetrate the spiritual darkness with rays of light which emanate from God Himself .... This is a process which can still save many people from spiritual death .... it shows a path which leads away from the world of matter into the kingdom of light .... it offers people of good will the option to return by taking hold of the Fathers extended hand, Who does not want His children to get lost for an infinitely long time .... And for this reason every recipient of divine revelations enjoys God's special protection to complete His work .... so that the light of truth can enlighten the earth at a time of deepest spiritual darkness, to make the best of the short time left to the people until the end ....



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