Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5941 25.04.1954

Faith in Jesus Christ ....
Doubting Thomas ....

Only your faith in Jesus Christ can lead you humans towards consciously working at improving yourselves, for only when you believe in Him will you also accept His teaching of love and make an effort to live in accordance with this teaching .... Consequently, anything that is done in order to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ will have My total approval and is blessed by Me .... Jesus must be proclaimed, His act of Salvation must be clearly emphasised so that people will find the path through Jesus Christ to their God and Father of eternity. The end is near and humankind is far, far removed from the One Who sacrificed His life on the cross for everyone in order to save them from ruin .... Anyone who does not unite himself with Him will go astray, that is, the prince of darkness will retain his power over him and the heavenly kingdom will remain closed to him, for Jesus Christ is the gateway to eternal beatitude .... The end is near and countless people still don't know Him or refuse to acknowledge him .... Only I know what this means for the vast number of souls who live thoughtlessly without Him and who die without him and perish .... it is no longer possible by natural means to lead them to Jesus Christ. Hence I would have to let My living creations go astray were I to leave it to natural processes which make absolutely no impression whatsoever on people. But I know the few who belong to Me and stand up for Me and My name before the world; I know that a small circle of people recognise Me in Jesus Christ who I now use as tools for the strength and power of the One Who people refuse to recognise. I let them preach the Word of the Lord .... I let them proclaim the doctrine of Jesus Christ and confirm their Words with extraordinary deeds so that they will be believed. But for this the proclaimers require extremely strong faith and the kind of love which will provide them with the strength in order to also work miracles in My name .... It is always I Myself Who performs these miracles, nevertheless through My servants, because it is My will that people shall take notice again of their Saviour and physician Jesus Christ, so that they will remember and learn to believe in His act of Salvation, His crucifixion and His resurrection .... The fact that I will reveal Myself once more before the end through My devout servants on earth is an act of love and mercy by Me; people shall be helped once more to find faith in Him because then they will also have found faith in Me in order to never lose it again.

Even if their faith has not brought forth the right fruits as yet, because it can only become a living faith through a life of love, the knowledge of Jesus Christ will nevertheless have reached a degree which will allow for further progress, even if the soul is prematurely recalled without having found total redemption on earth as yet .... It knows Him and calls upon Him in its adversity, and since it calls upon Me Myself in Jesus Christ I will also be able to help the soul .... Nevertheless, it is incomparably more valuable if a person has found faith in Me in Jesus Christ through My Word .... if he believes it and does not require miracles in order to be convinced of the truth of My Word .... Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe .... But I also helped the doubting Thomas to attain faith. And so I also help the many unbelievers today if they are not ill-willed, and I prove Myself to them as God as soon as a person stands up with fiery zeal for Me and My teaching, in order to increase the number of believers before the end and in order to also gain those people to whom the act of Salvation is still insignificant and who are therefore in great danger that the gates to the kingdom of light will remain closed to them for an infinitely long time .... I take pity upon their fate and accept the will and love of those who want to help their neighbour, and I bless their intentions by granting them the strength of healing and of performing miracles in My name .... For it is My will that My name shall be revealed and the blessings of My act of Salvation shall clearly manifest themselves. It is My will that people shall voice the name of Jesus Christ with profound faith so that I can enter into contact with them .... in order to let My Word be effective again and to make people realise the tremendous importance of acknowledging Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world, in Whom I manifested Myself so that I can be a visible God for you .... I want to save you humans for eternity, and therefore I Myself will still come to meet you in the final hour .... For the end will soon be here ....




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