Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5977 15.06.1954

Important mission ....
Spreading the Gospel ....

Your mission is so important because My teaching shall be preached in all purity, for that which I once gave to people did not remain pure but became progressively spoilt so that it no longer contains the strength which can be found in My pure Word. But people urgently need this strength flowing to them from My Word .... they are weak and incapable of developing further and I can only give them strength by having My Word imparted to them .... as unspoilt and pure as it originates from Me. Only this Word is capable of giving them strength, only this Word is the right kind of nourishment for the souls which enables them to mature fully, which gives them strength. This is why no-one can attain eternal life without My Word, and therefore I convey it to people in a way which seems unusual and yet is an entirely natural process .... by speaking through a human mouth Myself, I Am speaking to all people and thus the absolute purity of My Word affects the ears and hearts of those who willingly listen to it .... Indeed, you only hear one person speak yet they are not his Words, it is not his doctrine which he offers to you .... it is really and truly the emanation of My love which you may take hold of because it is I Myself Who speaks to you .... It is I, of Whom it is written 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock .... if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me ....' I want to give you the bread of heaven, I want to revive and refresh you with nourishment which your soul is in urgent need of ....

I want to strengthen you and bring salvation to your soul .... It want to provide it with what it needs in order to become blissfully happy. There is immense hardship on earth; it is a drought which leaves the souls without sustenance, so that they starve and in their utterly weakened state are unable to lift themselves off the ground .... And I know of this hardship and want to help people. From My hand they shall receive the invigorating nourishment, I Myself want to entice them to the font where they can draw the delectable water of life and thus gain renewed strength .... and all adversity shall have ceased for the one who accepts what I offer to him: My Word from above, which I impart to those of you who want to be of service to Me, which shall be passed on through you to people in order to help them .... My Word, which is only effective if it can touch the heart in its pure form and without being spoilt and which thus shall be spread anew throughout the world by disciples I choose Myself .... For the hardship is immense and My love wants to help .... it wants to heal the sick and strengthen the weak; it wants to give life to those who are dead and therefore convey the flow of life into barren land .... In the last hour My love still wants to wrest from death the souls which cannot resist it and through My Word make them blissfully happy ....



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