Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6015 04.08.1954

Everything serves to attain perfection ....

Regardless of what confronts you in life it will serve you to attain spiritual perfection .... Yet it is up to you yourselves as to whether you also make use of all encounters. The correct attitude towards all happenings concerning yourselves and your surroundings will further your development .... whereas the wrong attitude will bring it to a halt .... The right attitude, however, consists of the fact that you look for the bond with your eternal Father, or strengthen it if you already have found it. Then everything will be a blessing for you, even the greatest sorrow .... Spiritual advancement can only ever be possible through overcoming, fighting or humbly submitting to it if it is not possible to surmount it .... And My strength must always be requested for this because you are not strong enough on your own. The request for My strength requires your contact with Me and will also assure your spiritual progress. I always truly endeavour to draw you towards Me, to turn your thoughts to Me, and if you won't do so of your own accord when you are urged by your heart to seek Me then I will have to affect you such that adversity must encourage you to come to Me .... or .... if you are volitionally already My Own .... I want you to hold on to Me ever more sincerely, in that case your adversities will come upon you so that you will join Me ever more closely. The connection with Me guarantees your soul's ever-increasing spiritualisation, for wherever I Am present everything else is excluded .... where My presence is longed for there is no more room for earthly desire.

And this is all I want to achieve when I allow you to get into difficulties, to endure suffering and feel weak and without strength. The Giver of strength is always at your disposal, yet My strength can only flow into you if it finds a receptive vessel, which your will must thus open itself. This is why you need not fear earthly hardship, for you can resolve it yourselves with My strength, which is more than amply available to you .... Surrender to your destiny and know that I stand above it all, Who can change everything in an instant. What today still weighs you down can tomorrow bring you joy .... if you entrust yourselves to Me, if you unite yourselves in prayer with Me and thus the spiritual purpose of every adversity will have been achieved .... by having come one step closer to Me again, Who wants to be aspired to by all My children so that the strength of My love can permeate them and they can safely proceed to ascend ....



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