Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6050 13.09.1954

'Enter into thy closet ....'

Withdraw into your closet if you want to pray, for only in solitude can you find the connection with Me, only in solitude can you unite with Me so intimately that I can hear your voice, that your prayer is sent to Me in spirit and in truth. And even if you are in dire trouble while you are amongst people or are put under pressure from outside you must detach yourselves for a few moments from your surroundings and send a short but heartfelt call to Me, and I will hear you and help you .... I just want to hear your heart speak and not merely your mouth .... And therefore you must enter the closet of your heart, you must withdraw from the world and from everything that might disrupt your silent prayer. You must avoid everything that attracts your eyes, that makes such an impression on you that it will take your mind off Me .... you must completely disregard all outside impressions. You must withdraw into solitude and turn your thoughts to Me .... only then will you be able to pray in spirit and in truth, only then will you come to Me like children come to the Father and confide all your problems to Me.

And then your Father will always be willing to help you. Then you yourselves will apply strength to your prayer, you yourselves will determine the fulfilment of your requests, for if you speak to Me like a child speaks to its Father I cannot deny you any wish and My help is assured to you. But if the words are only shaped by your mouth, and if this happens for hours on end, they will not reach My ear, they will fade away unheeded, for this kind of prayer has no strength, such a prayer is abhorrent to Me .... And therefore it is up to yourselves whether your prayers will be granted, for I promised you that I will give you what you ask of Me .... And My Word will indeed come to pass. Nevertheless, I only pay attention to the words of your heart but you often believe that you have done enough by prattling with your mouth and are disappointed if your prayers are not then granted .... Withdraw into the closet of your heart and then speak to Me freely, with complete confidence, and your wishes will indeed be granted ....




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