Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6059 19.09.1954

The time of the end is imminent ....

The end has certainly been announced to you by Me as being imminent, yet you don't know the day and hour, and therefore even you, My believers, are not diligent enough in your work of improving your soul, for you, too, still reckon that it will still take a while until My announcements will come to pass .... Even you don't expect the end so quickly, otherwise you truly wouldn't think your earthly affairs so important anymore .... otherwise you would live as if you anticipated something extraordinary to happen for which you must to prepare yourselves and act accordingly. Admittedly, until the end you should fulfil the tasks which your earthly field of duty demands of you, nevertheless, the care of your souls should come first and the thought that tomorrow you might already be relieved from every earthly worry, that tomorrow you might be judged according to your soul's maturity, should impel you to work eagerly, for time and again I say to you: The day will come sooner than you think .... but until the end you will count on a postponement or a delay because the idea of a sudden end is inconceivable to you ....

And for this reason you, too, will be taken by surprise although you don't disbelieve My announcements. Your fellow human beings, however, don't believe at all, hence they will never believe that the time is very near .... but you should therefore be twice as diligent in your work of improving yourselves, for you will still be able to help a few people to attain faith before the end if your own faith is unshakable so that you, by virtue of your faith, can overcome conflicts which are inevitable due to the near end .... The more you accept the thought that the last day will strike very quickly the calmer you will also deal with earthly affairs, with all kinds of failures and worries, because you will realise that they are necessary and regard the state of your soul as more important .... And don't let yourselves be misled by the apparent calm .... no person will be able to enjoy it for long, for suddenly everything will change, and all of a sudden global affairs will also take an alarming turn, and then the end will be approaching with giant strides, and good for him who has prepared himself for this, who takes My Words seriously and lives as if only a few more days are granted to him .... For he will not be surprised that everything will come to pass as I have announced long in advance ....



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