Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6075 10.10.1954

Connection with God guarantees truth ....

Strive only ever to establish and remain in contact with your Father of eternity .... Then you will also always be spiritually enlightened, unresolved problems will no longer exist for you, for every problem will be resolved by the One Who knows everything and Who also wants to convey this knowledge to you. No limitations are imposed on your knowledge as soon as you take the path to Me and request My clarification .... But I also know which knowledge helps you achieve happiness, and this information is always at your disposal providing your desire for truth is spiritually inclined .... that you expect My explanation .... that you earnestly desire it .... For I give without limitation but only ever to someone who wants it .... And what I bestow upon you will always be appropriate for you and the circle of fellow human beings to whom you shall pass on My gifts .... I speak to you simply and clearly because it is My will that you penetrate the truth yourselves so that you can also wholeheartedly advocate it. And so seemingly insolvable problems for you can be solved by Me in a way that the explanation is easily comprehensible for everyone who, like you, desires clarification .... but which will always remain incomprehensible for people who only deal with them intellectually. I speak to the human being's heart and the heart understands .... But the heart of someone who prefers to be addressed intellectually is not receptive to Me as yet, and he will hardly become enlightened. Therefore, come to the Father like children so that he will educate you in line with your receptivity .... And the subsequently kindled light in you will be suitable to give you complete understanding, for you are being instructed by My spirit and this is truly powerful. You humans have invaluable spiritual knowledge at your disposal, yet only a few make use of it. People try to intellectually penetrate information which can only be conveyed to them by My spirit, because they either don't know the simple path or won't take it if it is shown to them .... the connection with Me through love or prayer .... Only the connection with Me is the source of truthful knowledge, and if this is not established, the received knowledge .... even if it corresponds to truth .... will remain incomprehensible or lifeless knowledge to people which does not contribute towards the soul's maturity. And the connection will only be established when the human being yearns for Me Myself .... Then he will exclude all other sources .... then he will no longer seek an explanation from other people, then he will turn to Me directly and I will be able to influence him through My spirit so that he will recognise what is truth from God and what is rationally gained knowledge .... Then the living water he draws from the source will refresh and revive him, he will be able to receive, without limitation, all he needs for eternal life from the font of life ....



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