Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6087 23.10.1954

Primordial-sin ....
Love-beam ....
Jesus Christ ....

The first sin of rebellion against Me was cause for the far distance between Me and My creatures, because with the rejection of Myself they also refused My Power of love, they themselves stepped out of My love-beam-circuit while continuously moving further away from Me. Resistance against Me is also like rejecting My love-power, which is why no human being who is still opposing Me within, can experience My flow-through love-beams. And a resistance is already apparent; he has no faith in Me and has therefore no connection with Me. Thus he is standing outside of My love-beam-circuit .... he feels nothing of My love because he is not voluntarily opening self to It and not willing to associate with Me. Not acknowledging Me means having totally succumbed to the one who long ago rebelled against Me and became My opponent as a result .... and who's plan it is to influence all creatures in such a way that they likewise feel of Me as non-existent, that they have no faith in a Being Who created them and Who wishes to be in connection with them.

But the non-acknowledgement of such is the outcome of total weakness and mental darkness .... Light and power is only available through Me .... and light and power they scorn because they scorn the Provider of light and power .... for they have no faith in the Original-Source of Light and Power, out of Whom they emerged .... In like measure though, as they are rejecting the Original-Source, they are making themselves incapable to be fed by this Original-Source, hence they stay light- and powerless until they are striving towards this Source with their free will .... until they acknowledge the Power Who created them, und thus are opening themselves to be supplied with the Divine-love-power .... until they unite with the Provider of light and power.

And now they receive in abundance according their need to become blissful .... to again enter into the Original-condition, which they once left voluntarily. Every man who turns to Me, shall abundantly receive, for My Love never overexerts itself .... it wants to give continually and make happy and only demands open vessels into which it can pour itself. And as soon as the serious will in man is awakened to unite with the Power which created him, he will turn away from primordial-sin, from the rebellion against Me; then he will safely reach his goal with the help of the divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Who shed His blood as payment for the sake of this great original-guilt ....

Who infinitely had suffered and died on the cross, earning the feeble humanity a mercy-treasure .... will-strength and recognizing of their guilt .... every human being can now shorten the vast distance from Me, every man can now find forgiveness for the immense guilt of the former rebellion against Me; every man can now enter again into the love-beam-circuit and receive light and power in excess .... helping himself to the blessings, which through Jesus Christ's work of redemption are at his disposal abundantly .... if he acknowledges Me, I as Jesus, a human, who have paid off your guilt for you, through the death on the cross.



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