Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6106 12.11.1954

Speedy end ....
Fulfilment of the predictions ....

Don't be misled and believe My Words, which announce the near end to you .... You have not been informed of the day and the hour because it is not beneficial for you if you knew them. Yet none of you envisage the day of the end to be as near as has been determined for eternity. Each one of you still keeps his eyes so firmly on the world that the fact, that it should all come to a speedy end, doesn't seem possible to him .... for each one of you is still very earthly minded, even if he belongs to My Own and has spiritual aspirations. For you are living in the midst of the world and still have to do your work. And this is why your thoughts are often so far removed from what I have always and forever foretold. Time and again you are told that the end will come suddenly and unexpectedly .... And you humans will not determine the time, for I will come like a thief in the night .... But don't mock what lies ahead of you just because you don't believe it .... so that you will not have to regret it one day. Time and again I awaken seers and prophets in order to warn and admonish you through them to prepare yourselves for the inevitable. And yet I will not inform you of the day and the hour so as not to confuse you, so as not to restrict your thoughts and actions. And even when the day comes it will take people by surprise, because nothing extraordinary will happen beforehand and worldly people more than ever indulge in pleasures and enjoy their lives .... Just a few see the light but their admonitions are laughed at .... until I intervene and My Word fulfils itself .... Therefore accept everything conveyed to you through the voice of the spirit as pure truth .... Expect the end very soon, for the time has been fulfilled .... the time of the harvest has arrived ....



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