Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6114 19.11.1954

Living creations becoming children of God ....

It pleased Me to furnish you with all your abilities .... but the development of these abilities is left up to you .... I created you with all the aptitudes to shape yourselves into gods .... but you have to make use of these aptitudes. For I gave you free will which must now strive for that which is My plan: your transformation from living creations into children .... This is something I cannot accomplish by virtue of My power as then free will .... the characteristic of divinity and perfection .... would be excluded. Thus all prerequisites for 'becoming God's children' are in place, only free will has to step into action now .... thus you yourselves have to want to shape yourselves into My children, you must accomplish the deification of your nature yourselves. And for this purpose you were given life on earth. You were created in perfection and able to use your free will from the start, which belonged to a perfect being as well .... You, who are embodied on earth, misused your free will, you did not use it in a positive but in a negative way .... even though, as perfect beings you had full realisation which, however, was not allowed to impede your expression of free will .... You voluntarily chose a different lord and turned away from Me .... in other words .... you voluntarily forfeited the perfection which characterised your divine nature by not resisting ungodly thoughts and cravings, by taking pleasure in them and thus excluding the principle of love .... the epitome of perfection .... and you thereby also distanced yourselves from Me, the eternal Love .... Your free will managed to do this, for the abilities bestowed upon you would have sufficed fully to deify yourselves .... You could just as easily have voluntarily allowed yourselves to be governed by everything of a noble, good and perfect nature, you could have given your love to Me and striven towards Me as a Father with all your senses .... and you would have demonstrated that you were and wanted to remain perfect, divine beings ....

Thus you fell of your own free will which subsequently had to accept the consequences: to reach from the abyss, under far more difficult conditions, the previous pinnacle again .... Sooner or later you will have to pass this required test of will, therefore you had to travel an infinitely long path because you had sunk so infinitely low as a result of your own fault. Yet I helped you out of this abyss because in your weakness you were incapable of achieving it on your own .... However, I constrained your previously free will in order to prevent you from falling back .... You took the path through the works of creation with your will bound until you reached the stage of a human being .... But now you have been given back your free will and must face having to take the test of will again .... the same task is expected of you all over again: to deify yourselves voluntarily, and that is only possible if you transform yourselves into love .... if you change your inherent selfish love into unselfish neighbourly love .... if you make the principle of love the guiding principle of your intentions, thoughts and actions. You have the ability to do so but you must develop it yourselves .... And with the right will you can certainly succeed and then you will have reached the goal, if only by making a long detour, after an infinitely long time .... However, it is possible for you to fail and once again not pass the test of will, then you will have to linger for an infinitely long time in a state of imperfection and far away from Me again .... I will always offer you the opportunity to reach your goal, nevertheless, your will is free and this determines the length of time until you reach perfection.



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