Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6116 22.11.1954

God's reply to thoughts ....
Presence ....

You can always be convinced of My presence if your thoughts revolve around Me, if you send an appealing call to Me, if you mentally entrust your problems to Me .... In that case you can consider yourselves addressed by Me and need only pay attention to the thoughts coming to you if you quietly listen within .... For I will answer you .... even if you believe this answer to be your own thoughts .... It is My will and My goal that all people shall establish contact with Me in thought .... yet only a few put it into practise .... Consequently it should be self-evident that I will delight these few with My presence because they turn to Me in their thoughts. For every such thought affects Me like a childlike call which I will not fail to hear, after all, I Am waiting for it .... And the nature of the call determines My reply .... as long as you are not yet so intimately connected to Me due to your loving activity that I will be able to impart knowledge to you independently from your thinking .... which, however, requires your belief that I speak to you through the spirit .... In that case, however, you will also be completely convinced of My presence which will give obvious evidence of itself.

Yet the fact that your thinking of Me will likewise affect My presence and that I will then also speak to you is unknown to you humans .... and neither do you know how easily you can draw Me to yourselves and enter into an ever more intimate relationship with Me if you accomplish unselfish neighbourly love, since thereby you draw Me, the Eternal Love, close to you. Then you will be able to strengthen your bond with Me and finally attain a degree of love which is the prerequisite for an obvious working of the spirit within and for you .... You just have to believe that you yourselves are the cause of your God and Father 's presence due to your thinking of Him .... If you look at your daily life from this point of view you will soon consider every hour wasted you have not thought of Me; for if you know that I can and want to be present to you, you will only be happy when you are in silent mental contact with Me .... And you will comply with My gentle urging to perform loving actions and also become aware of the light and strength which will arise in you from such contacts with Me ....



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