Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6135 14.12.1954

'Take this and eat ....'

Take this and eat .... these were My Words to My disciples when I gave them the bread as a symbol of the heavenly bread, My Word, which, having become flesh, was in the midst of them on earth .... Take this and drink .... I said when I gave them the wine .... which, like My blood .... the strength of My Word .... was to strengthen them .... Bread and wine were symbols for flesh and blood .... and since I Myself Am the Word that became flesh I was entitled to say: This is My body, which is given for to you .... this is My blood, which is shed for you .... For only through My death did I make it possible for you to hear My Word in you .... through My death I burst the chains which kept you in darkness ....

Do understand, you must hear My Word if you want to become blessed .... And My Word must be hungrily received by you, you must eat it and provide your soul with nourishment so that it can live .... for My Word contains the strength which gives life to the soul .... Flesh and blood belong to life, and I died for you so that you will have life .... The bread of life is My Word .... I Myself Am the Word .... and the Word became flesh .... Can there be a more understandable explanation for the Supper I took with My disciples .... And each time you receive My Word and hungrily absorb it you will remember Me .... You cannot receive My Word other than in remembrance of Me because the One Who speaks to you cannot be forgotten as long as you listen to Him ....

When I broke the bread for My disciples, when I passed the wine to them, I knew that only My Word would establish the connection between Me and people and give evidence of it .... I knew that they would only be able to reach the goal if they constantly allowed Me to speak to them .... Furthermore, I knew that they had to believe in My act of Salvation, I knew what was ahead of Me, that I had to sacrifice My life for humanity in order to redeem it and, in view of this, I said the Words 'which is given for you .... which is shed for you ....' The eternal Word Itself spoke to people: Take this and eat .... take this and drink .... You humans must establish heartfelt contact with Me in order to hear My speech, in order to be nourished by Me with the bread of heaven .... in order to take Supper with Me .... And you can only establish this sincere contact with Me again through loving activity .... Only then will you accept Me Myself in you, then you will be permeated by the strength of My love .... My blood guarantees you life .... Then I will give abundantly, your soul will never again suffer hunger and thirst, for I Myself will nourish it and quench its thirst .... I Myself will offer it communion .... I will break the bread and give wine to all those who want to receive, and they will enjoy My flesh and My blood and their souls will live forever ....



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