Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6207 07.03.1955

Deification of the created beings ....

In the beginning you all were on My side because you were utterly permeated by My strength of love which drew you to Me .... You enjoyed a state of supreme beatitude because you were divine beings, you were My shaped emanations of love, formations of highest intelligence and in possession of light and strength which, in turn, enabled you to be creatively active. You were perfect beings, images of Myself except that you had come forth from Me, whereas I Myself Am eternal and apart from Me no other creative power reigned. Consequently, everything having emerged from Me was My work .... Even the first-created being which, with My approval and with the use of My strength, produced all of you .... Even this being was My work and not, as it wanted you to believe, the creative power itself. Countless beings were brought into life by this being because it wanted to make creative use of the constant influx of strength from Me .... and it was indeed capable of doing so because I externalised it as a perfect being 'like Myself' for this very purpose .... to populate the infinite spiritual kingdom for its own blissful happiness .... The pleasure I experienced should also make My first-created being happy and therefore I granted it unlimited light and strength, I gave it free will which it was allowed to use as it wished .... but which it should have used according to My will if it wanted to be active in line with its perfection .... However, it started to use its will in opposition to My will .... which was indeed possible since the being was entirely free, thus its perfection would not have been questioned by any coercion whatsoever .... Nevertheless, this would have been impossible had the being aspired more for My love than for My power .... had it been satisfied with the strength of My love it constantly received .... The immense number of created beings brought into life by our mutual love aroused its wish to control them .... and although it knew that My strength had been instrumental in the creation of these beings, its love turned into an opposite feeling .... it was envious of My strength and therefore intended to separate the beings called into life by My strength in order to possess and rule them himself .... But since these living creations of Mine were permeated by My strength of love which kept them inseparably united with Me .... it would have been impossible for him to separate them from Me had I not released them Myself .... which I indeed did for the sake of My beings' deification ....

You, who had been created in all perfection, would only ever have remained My creatures .... creations which would only ever be able to think and act according to My will but which did not correspond to My idea when I created you: free children who existed and worked in supreme perfection, who are certainly active according to their own will which, however, as a result of their love for Me, was the same as Mine .... This is what I wanted to achieve and therefore set you free for you to shape yourselves into what I had set as a goal for Me .... I did not withdraw My love from you, but neither did I stop the first-created being .... which is My adversary now .... from influencing you as well. Yet you, too, were endowed with free will and able to make a free decision for Me or for the first-created being .... You did not have to fall, for you were enlightened and able to feel My love and could have allowed yourselves to be drawn by it to Me .... However, the first-created being exerted great influence over you and you fell prey to it .... You voluntarily followed the one who did not make you happy but pulled you into the abyss instead .... For My adversary resisted Me, he rebelled against Me, he rendered My strength of love ineffective .... I Myself did not withdraw it from him but he distanced himself to such an extent that My illumination of love became increasingly weaker because he openly opposed it .... in the belief that the host of his followers he had pulled into the abyss with him gave him enough strength of his own .... From then on you all had to do without My strength of love even though I Myself did not withdraw it; instead, you had rejected it and therefore become weak and spiritually unenlightened .... You voluntarily forfeited your original inconceivably happy state. Even so, you shall not remain in your self-chosen condition forever, because My love will not abandon you, because you are My living creations as well and I will not leave you forever in a state which entirely contradicts your purpose and your origin .... I will not give up the goal I once had set for Myself .... the deification of the beings I created. I will accomplish it, and those of you who are still wretched as a result of your past rebellion against Me, will also enter the kingdom of light again one day, you will enjoy unlimited strength and be blissfully happy .... However, I will not exert force on you, you must completely voluntarily take the path of return to Me which will lead you back into perfection, which was once part of you and which you forfeited but which you will attain again one day, because My love only pursues this one goal, that one day you will work and be active again in light and strength as My children in My kingdom ....




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