Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6269 Whitsun 29.5.1955

Deification ....
Spiritual spark ....

You shall be united with Me for all eternity .... You shall enter into My kingdom and work and create in unison with Me for your own happiness .... You shall work according to My will and yet of your own accord, not being determined by My will, only then will you be My children, only then will you be united with Me forever. But this heartfelt bond is only the result of overcoming the abyss .... which is the task every 'living creation' has to accomplish which wants to shape itself into a 'child' .... The path out of the abyss makes great demands on the creature, yet these demands are always attainable because My love constantly draws it upwards and because My love supports every living creation where its strength is not sufficient .... Hence, it is only expected that the living creation's will desires its ascent from the abyss, then it will never lack the strength to reach the goal, because the being's will in the past also caused the opposite .... its fall into the abyss and separation from Me .... However, everything that strives away from Me is and will remain weak since it rejects My strength of love and only when it is willing to accept it again, will it also have the strength to travel the path back to Me, into the Father's house .... The just punishment for the voluntary apostasy from Me would be eternal damnation, thus eternal separation from Me which signifies extreme agony for a created free being full of light and strength .... Yet My greater than great love for My living creations does not allow for this, consequently, an opportunity was created for 'Love' to regain the renegade spirits without evading 'justice' .... Eternal Love Itself redeemed the guilt .... I came to earth and atoned for the immense guilt so that the return of the once fallen spirits became possible again, yet it depends on the will of the living creation .... And in order that this will should turn to Me again, in order that I would be aspired to as the highest goal by the beings in the abyss, I influenced these beings through My spirit .... i.e. the love, which is My fundamental nature, whose strength brought everything into existence, also looked for a way to enter the hearts of My living creations which had already started on the path of return to Me within the framework of My eternal order but which nevertheless must one day voluntarily profess as to whether they want to continue on the path to Me or return to the abyss again ....

At this stage of free will, as a human being, My love tries to influence him again by providing him with a tiny spark of My spirit of love to accompany him, which shall influence him if the person allows for it. The human being is able to remain in constant contact with Me by means of this tiny spiritual spark but he is not compelled to establish this connection .... Nevertheless, the spirit within the person is an immensely helpful factor which offers the guarantee that a person will find unity with Me .... providing his will no longer offers open resistance to Me .... When I Myself accomplished the act of Salvation as Jesus, the human being .... when I took the immense guilt of sin upon Myself and atoned for it, it cleared the path from the abyss to higher spheres for the first time .... But then I also conveyed to people who were willing to take this path the strength they had hitherto lacked .... I Myself made contact with them and no longer left them without help .... I Myself associated with them through the spiritual spark yet leaving it up to each individual as to whether he wanted the connection with Me .... for I do not impose Myself and My spiritual strength on any living being but I make it available to them so that everyone can be permeated by My spirit and its strength, providing he wants it .... My spirit is My part .... It is the strength of love which, in the very beginning, flowed through all My living creations, but their rejection resulted in their fall into the abyss. All people can receive My strength of love again without restriction once they have liberated themselves from their past guilt of sin by acknowledging Jesus Christ as Redeemer and by appealing to Him for forgiveness of their guilt .... Only then will they be able to receive the divine strength of love from Me, then My spirit will be able to take effect in them, then I can 'pour out My spirit', and the connection with Me will have been established to the extent that a relapse into the abyss will no longer be possible, that the path of ascent with the final goal of total unity with My will have been effortlessly travelled and My living creation returns to Me as My 'child' into its Father's house. Without My help this would be impossible, precisely because the creature had forfeited all strength .... However, My love grants it this strength again, My love unites itself again with the living creation if it is willing to return to Me .... My love sends My spirit to all My living creations in order to guide and instruct you, in order to show you the right path to Me ....



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