Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6280 Corpus Christi 9.6.1955

True prayer and church service ....

A child's trusting prayer will rise to heaven and be heard by Me .... and his prayer will be answered .... And yet so few people take advantage of this privilege because they have become accustomed to external formalities and no longer experience the strength of prayer in spirit and in truth .... Only great hardship can persuade them to voice words from their hearts which will reach My ear, because great hardship will let them turn to Me for help .... And I will bless them when they then let go of all superficial formalities and speak to Me like a child speaks to its father .... However, I will not take notice of thoughtless prayers, and yet they are so very frequently spoken .... just as I will not take notice of what a devout attitude should express but which lacks all deeper thought ....

Therefore I asked you to call upon Me in spirit and in truth .... because all pretence and external formality is abominable to Me. You humans might well be able to deceive each other but you will never be able to deceive Me .... And you believe that you pay homage to Me with empty displays of splendour, with ceremonial acts, with a superficial service. But I take no notice of it, whereas a simple, devout prayer to Me will sound lovely and is pleasing to Me. And this kind of prayer can be sent to Me anywhere and at anytime, it will always be received and heard by Me. It is so easy to honour Me when you build an altar in your heart on which you bring your love to Me .... when you enter into a silent but heartfelt dialogue with Me, when you commend yourselves to Me, ask for My mercy and always long for My presence .... Then you will be praying 'in spirit and in truth ....' Then I will also be with you, because I will always be with My child when it sends its loving thoughts to the Father .... However, I abhor all external formality which is all too easily just a disguise for an unfriendly, indifferent attitude, that will lead a person into ruin.

Besides, you are misjudging your God and Father if you believe that I .... like you humans .... would want to be honoured with external splendour and glamour .... All splendour and glory are at My disposal and I want to give it all to you if only you offer Me your love in return. For I Am only asking for your love which, however, you cannot show Me with external formalities, instead I want to discover it in the human being's heart .... which is selflessly turned towards his neighbour and therefore also proves your love for Me. A loving heart is the greatest honour for Me, a loving heart only speaks words in spirit and in truth, and I will look upon a loving heart as My child which has all My love too .... but then it may also ask Me for everything and never get disappointed due to its faith in Me, and I will not allow its faith to be destroyed ....



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