Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6301 02.07.1955

The congregation of Jesus Christ ....

It is My will that My small congregation should firmly remain united, so that one supports the other spiritually and earthly .... All shall gather around the font of life and refresh themselves, they shall draw the strength from it which they will need more than ever the closer it gets to the end .... And the fact that the end is coming will be known and believed by everyone who allows himself to be permeated by My living water, for then he will have deeper insight and know why the end is approaching .... And it is My will that many people shall receive this knowledge, I want the elixir of life offered to all who cross your path .... And then it will be left to every person as to whether he wants to stay with you or turn away again from the source that My love has opened up for you .... Share the living water that flowed forth from My font with everyone .... Spread My Word which comes from above and is imparted to you .... and help to constantly increase the circle of those to whom I can impart strength through My Word because I know how urgently everyone will need this strength in the forthcoming time. Whatever can be done in order to spread My Gospel throughout the world shall be done by you, and I will bless everyone, for I alone know that ailing souls can still be saved by taking refuge in the healing font and recover through the delectable living water ....

All of you, who receive My Word directly or through My servants on earth, belong to My small flock which is protected by its shepherd .... You all belong to My church which I founded when I lived on earth .... You are all My apostles of the last days whom I send into the world with the instruction to proclaim My Gospel to people .... Know, that I Am with everyone of you who wants to work for Me and My kingdom .... know, that I will lead you to those whom you shall refresh in turn with nourishment and drink; know, that every person can render vineyard work who offers himself to Me for service .... But also believe that I need every one of you because a lot more work needs to be done until the end and because this work can only be undertaken by people who are willing to do My will, who thus accept instructions from Me Myself .... Believe, that I certainly know what will help erring souls in order to become enlightened and that I will always hand you the means which will beneficially affect them .... that I will always speak to them the right Words through you, on account of which My Words are imparted to you, so that I can address every person directly, and My Words can truly not fail to make an impression as long as their will is good and I still see an opportunity to save the human being .... Work together with combined strength and rest assured that I will stay within your midst, that I Myself invite people to come to the font of love and to allow themselves to become refreshed and invigorated .... Rest assured that I will bless every person's services for Me and My kingdom, spiritually and earthly, and therefore be diligently active in My vineyard, for the time of harvest has come and I need many reapers, because there is not much time left until the end ....



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