Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6329 09.08.1955

Striving towards the goal ....
God's help ....

Everything shall serve you towards maturing, and thus every day can enable you to ascend in your development, providing you always remember that God directs your destiny, and that everything happens as is best for your soul. Admittedly, the body will often have to suffer; your life will often seem troubled, worries will often oppress you and you will become hesitant and disheartened .... Yet nothing happens to you by chance, and your Father in heaven knows everything and therefore also knows your situation, because He has predetermined it Himself to help you to progress. But you can improve or worsen your situation yourselves, for you only need to take the right path in order to find help, just as resentfulness and aversion on your part will always make your situation feel worse and you will suffer twice as much because you will grumble ....

Yet there is One Who is always waiting for your call because He wants to help you, but first He wants to hear your call in order to then demonstrate His love for you .... This One wants to help and can help you, but He expects you to believe in His love and His power. You should always acknowledge Him as a God of love, even if you have to suffer or if His love for you is not obviously recognisable .... Only love moves Him into action .... and only love motivates Him to treat people harshly at times, so that they do not go astray again for eternities. But anyone who entrusts himself to His greater than great love will soon be led out of affliction, since God asks for no more than a person's utter devotion to Him .... Then he will very soon be free from all worries and suffering, since God's love will remove them from him again once he has established or strengthened the right relationship with God .... Then their purpose will have been achieved and another level will have been reached; then the soul will have moved a step up again, and then a period of peace will ensue to serve the human being for inner reflection .... for he should constantly strive to ascend, he must not tire, he must steadfastly keep his eyes on the goal, the achievement of which is his earth task ....

And if his striving comes to a halt then discord will instantly come about which will be to remind him of his earthly task .... Yet irrespective of what happens to you, it is certainly only for the best for your soul, and you will be able to overcome everything with the help of the One, Who carried the cross on your behalf, Who died for you on the cross .... Call upon Him in every spiritual and earthly affliction .... He knows about your suffering, he knows about all human failings and adversities and is willing to help you at all times, and through your call upon Jesus Christ you will be connected with Him again, you will walk the path to Jesus and with Him .... and this path will safely lead you to your goal ....



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