Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6478 17.02.1956

Apparitions of Mary ....
Signs and miracles ....
Satan's activity ....

The human being only pays attention to signs and miracles. He wants to gain an insight into what is concealed from him, he first wants to experience unexplainable phenomena, and these seem more credible to him than the pure Word of God, but in reality they merely intensify the darkness and erroneous belief, for they should only be regarded as fabrications of the one who wants to cause confusion and who is particularly active when the pure truth threatens to establish itself. He wants to obscure every flashing light with profound darkness. Only rarely will people promote the distribution of truth, whereas lies and errors spread like wildfire and people don't shy away from serving their fellow human beings with nourishment that has no nutritional value whatsoever, instead it has a poisonous effect.

During the last days before the end Satan's activity will become obvious by especially availing himself of means which aim to feign divine activity. God has promised people His spirit, and he has associated this working of the spirit with remarkable gifts of grace. God's strength expresses itself through people who proclaim His Word, who are His true servants on earth and who therefore will also accomplish what Jesus accomplished on earth .... who will heal the sick and take away people's every affliction, who are profoundly knowledgeable, full of strength and able to see what God will send upon humanity .... who will perform miracles like He did, because God Himself can work in them through His spirit in order to motivate people to believe and turn back before it is too late .... But these occurrences receive little attention from people because, deemed to be implausible, they are not made publicly known .... and because nothing divinely-spiritual will ever make itself the centre of attraction against people's will.

God's adversary, however, will work by the same token before the end by using his strength for deceitful activities, for all kinds of works of deception. And this activity of his will receive attention. He will manifest himself and always appear as an angel of light, he will influence the masses, he will make them believe what they want to see, for this desire will provide him with the foundation for fictitious miracles, for all kinds of errors .... People who create idols for themselves to some extent furnish Satan with the means by which he will then be able to take effect. And it is far more difficult to convince people that they have fallen prey to the opponent than to make these apparitions credible to them .... For Satan also ensures that the broad mass of the population takes notice of it and delights increasingly more in the miracles of false Christ's and false prophets .... in apparitions which partially are untrue, but partially emerge through people's will itself, because such evil activity is encouraged by people's will and erroneous belief .... for then it no longer requires a great deal of strength from his side in order to materialise such false miracles.

God does not influence people in this way, and God makes no use of those whose thoughts are so misguided that they are unable to distinguish between right and wrong .... He works in silence, He pours out His spirit upon all flesh, and servants and handmaidens will prophesy on His instructions and spread the pure truth from God, but He will never promote existing error nor encourage it in people even more, and no exalted and supreme beings of light will ever express themselves by trying to glorify their own name .... Satan, however, can establish himself in works which were put together by human hands with a completely wrong attitude towards God .... works which intended to reinforce an already existing error and which therefore are indeed the right kind of abode for the one who is and will remain the father of lies and errors as long as he can exert his influence .... And people are spiritually blind and don't recognise his accursed activity .... but they increasingly turn a deaf ear to the truth, and therefore the adversary will be very successful, for it is the time of the end ....



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