Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6493 06.03.1956

The masses never support the truth ....
Distribution - Adversary ....

Don't let yourselves be deceived by My adversary's work of deception: instead, only ever pay attention to that which provides you with enlightenment, to the gentle light which illuminates you from above. The radiance of this light .... the truth from Me, will never glaringly hit your eyes, that is, the truth will never flash up so suddenly to become public knowledge. For the world does not recognise and acknowledge the 'divine light' and it will not spread with lightening speed, yet many eyes are open for the 'deceptive light', it is far more easily accepted then the pure truth, the light of love from Me. For it is the sign of the impenetrable darkness that people are receptive for everything of an untruthful nature, for everything that emerges from the lower realm, that they no longer have any understanding of the divine truth. But as soon as My adversary's deceptive lights flash up they have no defence, instead, they try to carry it all over the world, they help to increase the darkness of night even more because they desensitise their eyes to the gently shining light .... They don't want to become inwardly enlightened; they only want to delight in a firework that merely intends to mimic light and is pleasing to the eyes. And yet, an ever increasing number of bearers of light will arise during the last days, they will walk through the darkness and still gather the few who feel their light as a blessing .... Many messengers from above will work on earth during the last days in order to bring help to people of good will .... My Word will be proclaimed by lively servants who came to earth for the sake of the mission to carry the light of truth into the darkness .... But they will all work in seclusion, they will certainly not shy away from speaking to people openly and freely, yet the world will take little notice of these proclaimers of My teaching and My name .... Nevertheless, the few who want to escape the night will receive bright light from them .... for their Words are very powerful. And wherever these servants of Mine appear, My adversary will not be long in coming and will intend to extinguish or dim the light and therefore come to the fore in such an unusual way that the world will take notice of it. And by this you will once again be able to recognise his activity.

You know that the supporters of the world are in his hands, that they are still infinitely distant from Me and that My activity would never find access to their sphere .... But anything that spreads throughout the general public originates from him and My servants' work will be especially unpopular where My adversary is successful .... The mass of population will never support the truth but always errors and lies .... Even so, My true representatives on earth will not be bothered by the fact that they are not granted any credence .... so the more diligently they will work and convincingly speak of Me and My upcoming arrival. For I will put an end to My adversary's activity when his time has come .... But prior to this many bearers of light will still walk across the earth because the light shall be carried to all places in order to illuminate the few human hearts which are not controlled by My adversary as yet. His activity will be obvious, but My care of leading them out of darkness into light will also be obvious to My Own .... Don't be surprised that you, who want to serve Me, make little headway with the Word that you have received from Me, for this, too, is a sign of the darkness of spirit, a sign of the low level people have reached before the end, when My adversary is far more likely to be successful than you, My bearers of light .... Even so, the light will establish itself and brightly highlight My adversary's activity one day. However, his time has not come as yet, as yet he can still do as he likes according to his will .... But soon his activity will be stopped, then My light from above will shine brightly, then there will be no more darkness and the people, who have already accepted My light on earth, will be very happy ....



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