Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6575 17.06.1956

Union of the spiritual spark with the Father-Spirit ....
Jesus ....

Once the spirit awakens to life in the human being the connection with Me will be established, for the spirit within a person is a spark of My divine Father-Spirit, it is a part of Me and thus the same as I Myself, so then you will also be able to rightfully say 'God is within me ....' For the spirit within you only awakens to life when you practise love, and then I, as the Eternal Love, can be within you Myself. However, although you all carry this divine spark inside of you it can nevertheless be buried due to your own will, due to your way of life, and remain so until your death .... In that case you went through life 'without God' .... because you lived without love and thereby made every contact with Me impossible .... Even so, you have lived your earthly life and thus left a great blessing unused; you failed to live up to the purpose of your incarnation as a human being: You did not unite with Me but remained in the isolation you once entered as a result of your apostasy from Me. In order to facilitate the unity I helped you with a great act of grace: First I placed a tiny spark of My divine spirit inside of you and then constantly stimulated you to kindle this tiny spark by placing you into situations through destiny where you, with good will, would be able to accomplish labours of love .... It often was and is possible for you humans to let the spark of love within you ignite into a flame. You truly don't lack opportunities but it is an act of free will, and thus you can also neglect being lovingly active and the spirit within you remains dormant and cannot express itself, thus you have not established a connection with Me and are dead although you believe yourself to be alive .... And your earthly life is at a standstill, because a life 'without God' can never lead to advancement but attests to the connection with My adversary.

Thus I Myself cannot be within you because through your heartless nature you yourselves deny Me entry. This state amongst people can be observed far more than people's heartfelt unity with Me by living a life of love and allowing themselves to be guided by My spirit .... And this state can always be recognised when people no longer have faith in Jesus Christ Who, through His death on the cross, intended to help them strengthen their weak will of releasing themselves from My adversary. The divine teaching of love which the man Jesus preached on earth was meant to show people the path of uniting the spiritual spark within them with the eternal Father-Spirit. This is why Jesus exemplified a life of love to His fellow human beings and also demonstrated the effects of such a way of life: the complete unification with Me, which showed itself in His Words and activity on earth .... What was impossible to achieve before Jesus' sacrificial death, due to people's weakness of will who were still burdened by the original sin, was possible for people to achieve after his crucifixion, because they were granted the strength if they acknowledged Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world and laid claim to His help. And then it also became possible for them to establish unity with Me by awakening the spiritual spark within them through activity of love and thus enabling Me Myself to take effect in them. However, without Jesus Christ no person's spirit can be awakened, for I Myself cannot be in someone who rejects Me, who does not believe that I redeemed him from sin and death .... Although My tiny spiritual sparks lays dormant in every person's soul only love will awaken it to life, love, however, recognises Jesus Christ, it recognises Me in Him and unites itself with Me .... or in other words: Love is the divine spark which wants to unite itself with the fire of eternal love .... Then, however, you will be alive even if you lose your mortal life .... You have already been resurrected from death as soon as the spirit within you comes alive, and thus you cannot lose this life again because you have returned to Me and with Me death can never ever happen again ....



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