Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6599 19.07.1956

'God breathed a living soul into him ....'

My eternal plan of Salvation intends to bring about the deification of your souls, which indeed had once been divine and perfect beings yet they forfeited this perfection of their own free will .... You humans should know that I did not externalise you from Me as imperfectly as you are now, that I undeniably created the human form, but the soul, which animates this human form, had already spent an infinitely long time of changing its voluntarily fashioned, completely wrong state to such an extent that it was able to dwell in the human form in order to attain complete deification again. You must know that I did not create you imperfectly to then demand of you as human beings to perfect yourselves .... because nothing imperfect can emerge from Me .... Once you are in possession of this knowledge you will also consider your earthly existence from a different point of view .... You will realise that it is not an end in itself but the means to an end .... However, as long as you are lacking this knowledge you justifiably believe that you may use your earthly life purely for the sake of improving your physical well-being .... You believe that you may use your energy of life purely physically, even if you aspire to the goal that every individual person should improve himself ethically in order to achieve a better human race .... But you don't understand the spiritual task of the individual yet .... The human being himself is not the final goal, the existence as a human being is merely the final opportunity on this earth to reach the highest goal. And the teaching that I 'created man so that he should love Me, be of service to Me, in order to thereby enter Heaven' is only justified if the human existence is looked upon as a limited stage for the soul which once became imperfect, otherwise this teaching will lead to wrong ideas, such as the one that something 'imperfect' .... the soul .... was joined to the human being at birth, that thus something imperfect was brought to life by Me .... This not only confuses the image of My nature, which is supremely perfect, but also people's train of thought, who do not grasp their actual task on earth and will therefore be increasingly more worldly orientated because a wrong concept is being developed in them.

Although through love for Me and selfless service the human being could indeed be able to attain the right realisation and subsequently beatitude .... it will nevertheless prevent love being kindled towards a Being which uses its creative strength for the emergence of imperfect creations; and even selfless service lacks the right motivation if people are unaware of the perfect spirits' former apostasy from Me, which consisted of the fact that they wanted to rule with arrogance .... hence they discarded the principle of love .... Their imperfection was caused by the beings themselves .... However, the fact that you are imperfect as a human being cannot be doubted, and therefore you must first try to ascertain the reason for your imperfection and not be satisfied with the explanation that I created you the way you are on earth now .... But the latter is endorsed by all those who portray the act of creation of the human being such that a 'soul' is 'created' at the same time for this human being .... which they deem they can justify on account of the Words 'God breathed a living soul into him ....' The fact that this living soul is a formerly fallen original spirit is not known to them .... but this knowledge could be discovered by every individual person if only he seriously questioned the meaning and purpose of earthly life and his task on earth. And even a misguided teaching could make a person question, if only he wanted to gain clarification .... And especially the teachers who guide people should first attain clarification themselves, which they can receive at any time by merely turning to Me Myself if slight doubts, which everyone can feel arise within himself during deliberation, would make them turn to the right source, where purest trust will refresh anyone who desires it. The reason why there is so much darkness amongst people that misguided teachings were able to spread is due to people's indifference towards the truth, for it is available and within reach for everyone who seriously desires the truth. Yet only a few try to penetrate My eternal plan of Salvation .... but for them everything is obvious and they are brightly enlightened because the Light of eternity Itself kindles it in all those who want to escape the darkness ....



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