Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6676 24.10.1956

'Test all things and keep what is good ....'

Test all things and keep what is good .... I say this to those who are inclined to doubt, who don't possess the ability to make correct judgments and are apprehensive about accepting spiritual knowledge which is offered to them in an unusual way. Accept it with a completely open mind, and then ask Me for enlightenment of spirit and reflect on what you have received .... And, for the time being, ignore what seems unacceptable to you because you are at present unable to understand it, and enjoy what, after serious examination, is credible to you .... I don't expect you to have blind faith, I expect you to test the spiritual knowledge which is made accessible to you; you are meant to think about it, and it is better you reject what seems incomprehensible to you than accept everything unreservedly, for if you have not formed an opinion about such mental concepts they will not be of benefit to you .... But if you are serious and want the pure truth, then you will also clearly recognise the truth if My messengers offer you spiritual knowledge which has originated from Me. For this Word contains the strength to give life .... providing, however, that life is being aspired to.

Test all things and keep what is good .... Are these Words not contradicting the imposition of believing something without thinking about it? After all, I Myself leave it up to you what to believe when I Am asking you to keep 'what is good' .... I leave it up to you because I don't demand blind faith from you humans. But why do you, who demand that 'thinking about religious doctrines' must be avoided, stop people from examining .... Are you not acting against My will? And are you also aware of the consequences such compulsion of faith will have on people? Time and again I emphasise the freedom of will, time and again I bring the individual person's responsibility for his decision of will to the fore, time and again I caution against spiritual compulsion and explain to you what really matters in earthly life ....

And the Scripture, too, is giving you the evidence with these Words 'Test all things and keep what is good ....', which should make every person genuinely wanting to fulfil My will suspicious that they don't coincide with the ecclesiastical laws and make him think .... After all, whose Word, whose teachings, are more credible? And you cannot imply any other meaning to these My Words but that you should form an opinion about every religious dogma. You are supposed to form an opinion of it, regardless of who presents spiritual knowledge to you, for even the pure truth coming from Me, which is conveyed to you directly from above, may be scrutinised by you, and I will not condemn you if you think that you cannot accept everything without hesitation .... You should only always seek advice from Me and I will give you the understanding of what you need for the maturity of your souls .... And if you still have a low degree of maturity, you will not be able to understand everything, but you yourselves determine what you are prepared to accept .... Test all things and keep what is good .... For by doing so you prove the sincerity of your attitude and your desire for truth. But anyone who accepts something without checking it is demonstrating his indifference, and he will never move within the truth either, because it is irrelevant to him. Yet this kind of attitude should never be promoted by a responsible person, people should be encouraged and not stopped to reflect on spiritual knowledge, for only then will it be beneficial and help the human being attain maturity of soul, since free will is being employed and its decision alone is important ....



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