Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6721 24.12.1956

Redemption ....
Last Supper ....

Every person suffers hardship as long as I have still been unable to come to him Myself in order to redeem him, because he still keeps the door of his heart closed to Me. For I want to bring salvation to his soul, I want it to become enlightened and therefore I approach you as the 'Light of eternity' in the Word .... Hence I knock at your door and wherever it opens I will enter and take supper with him and he with Me .... But who gladly and willingly opens the door of his heart for Me? Who gratefully accepts from My hand the gift I have to offer? Who refreshes himself with nourishment and drink which I prepared Myself as powerful food for your soul? Mostly I come to closed doors and My knock remains unheard; mostly people don't want to be addressed by Me although their souls are starving and go without, and the burden of sin has an effect of weakness and constraint .... I can't bring redemption to it because this necessitates the willingness to accept Me Myself in the heart .... For the human being has to believe in Me as the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ so that he can be redeemed, and if he believes in Me with a living faith then he will also open the door to Me and take Me in, then he will adorn the abode of his heart in order to receive Me .... he will allow Me to be his guest and yet he is My guest to whom I can bestow supper for his salvation. Love for Me and faith in Me also assures his redemption and releases him from his soul's hardship.

However, love and faith have become rare amongst people and their souls are in a desperate situation which becomes increasingly more difficult to remedy. For although I Myself descend to earth in the Word, I Am no longer recognised, I Am far more often rejected than accepted when I want to make My living creations happy, and even the light accompanying My appearance will not be seen because people deliberately close their eyes, because they have no desire for light, because they are more comfortable in darkness and therefore shun bright light. I would like to bring Salvation to people yet they won't accept it .... I would like to offer them delectable nourishment yet they neither hunger nor thirst for it .... I would like to remove the chains from their souls, I would like to redeem them from their bondage, I would like to release them from guilt and suffering and from My adversary's control .... But they don't long for this freedom, they willingly remain in this control, even if their souls are languishing in their hardship .... And therefore a time of grace is coming to an end .... A new period of redemption will start and prior to this I Myself will come to earth as I have promised .... And this second coming of Mine is close at hand. I will take those who had accepted Me before into My kingdom and those who had kept their ears closed to Me I will leave on earth, but in an undesirable state for they will be banished in the creations on earth again .... Since they did not allow themselves to be redeemed they will have to remain bound for an infinitely long time to come. I was unable to bring them salvation, I was unable to approach them as Saviour and Redeemer for they didn't know Me or didn't acknowledge Me. However, My Own will then remain in close contact with Me, I Myself will be in the midst of them and take care of My children both physically and spiritually .... For the new Earth will become their domicile where My promises will come true that I will dwell amongst them and reward their love and faith, that I will grant them beatitudes, that they will be able to be active in light and strength and all hardship will have been eliminated .... that peace will be amongst people because they are of good will ....



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