Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6724 29.12.1956

The close bond with God ....

Your life could be easy if only you would always remember Me and turn to Me with every worry and trouble. You only need to place every stress at My feet imploring me to take the burden from you or to help you carry it. But since you lack this total trust you have to carry your burden yourselves and thus often lead a hard earthly existence. Your belief in Me and My help is not very strong or you would not make every effort to dispose of your worries yourselves, instead you would rely far more on the One Who's love and power is so great that He always wants and can help. And again, earthly hardship should make you remember Me .... It should push you towards the Father, it should make you search for your God and Father Who then certainly also would allow Himself to be found.

People walk on earth, every one with his worry, his sorrow .... And I would be willing to help every one of you, but every one of you also has to approach Me for help. Because it would not be right if I would take all his suffering and his worry from him without this conscious appeal to Me for help .... It would not be right because then people would remember Me even less and because a carefree way of life would not result in any kind of spiritual success unless the human being is already so sincerely united with Me that he no longer needs the kind of worries which are intended to lead him to Me. But his course of life can be peaceful and calm when he has established this relationship with Me, when he comes to Me as soon as something disturbs him until he finally no longer undertakes anything without having communicated with Me first, that I Myself shall guide all his thoughts, words and actions ....

The earthly life could indeed be easy for you because the close bond with Me also protects you from all attacks by My opponent, who is your enemy and who would like to corrupt you by confusing your thoughts, and by means of constant unrest stops you from inner contemplation. Just imagine two extremely powerful Lords whose views and deeds are completely opposing each other .... One only gives love and His gifts bestow peace upon you, He is always willing to help and His power cannot be exceeded .... while the other only wants to hurt you and all his contributions will merely lead to destruction .... Do you still find it difficult to decide which Lord to follow?

I will always accept you, I will not close My ear to any call sent to Me in distress and worry because I Am only waiting for My living creations to turn to Me and by doing so to acknowledge Me as loving power to Whom nothing is impossible. And don't remember Me only during times of hardship but always and constantly and you will be blessed and approach Me more and more trustingly as soon as you feel troubled ....

If you walk with Me your earthly life need not be difficult because then you have an ever helpful companion at your side Who carries your burden for you, Who guides you and removes every stone on your path, Who cares for you like a father cares for his children that they will not go astray or fall .... Who is always there for them when they need Him. But this companion must be consciously requested and even though I Am always standing by the wayside and know of everyone's burden and worry .... the person who doesn't remember Me has to continue to carry this burden until he has found Me ....

unless he is so distant from Me that My opponent remains his master, who then will take his burden too but also his soul .... And thus you can even be grateful if you experience worries and hardship at times because then you know that you are not lost yet and still guided by My love which wants to achieve that you turn to Me so that I can help you in every need ....



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