Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6811 21.04.1957

Resurrection of the dead into life ....

Humanity was held in bondage .... and it would never have been released had I not sacrificed Myself to redeem the souls from the one who held them captive. My overwhelming love motivated Me to make this sacrifice, to pay the purchase price which gave me the right to seize the souls from My adversary, providing they themselves wanted to leave him and follow Me. But the sacrifice I made by My crucifixion was intended for all once fallen spirits, it applied to all people past, present and future. It was made for the spiritual essence which has taken, and has yet to take, the path across earth as a human being.

I bought freedom and paid with My blood for every entity that once was pulled into the abyss by My adversary and is kept there in bondage, and no being needs to stay in the abyss any longer against its own will. But it has to yearn to leave the abyss, it has to want to ascend, it has to want to return to Me from Whom it once turned away voluntarily. Hence its former rejection of Me was the cause of its death, because the abyss amounted to complete lack of light and strength for the beings, the state of death .... So that it should rise from death into life, so that the being could rise from its grave and step into new life again, I purchased a life for the dead with My death, and no being need be subject to death forever, every being is able to rise from the dead just as I Myself came back to life on the third day ....

But My adversary will want to prevent the beings from escaping his domain and therefore they have to be helped, since they are unable to rise by themselves and My adversary keeps the grave, which engulfs the beings of darkness, tightly locked. But one cry to Me will penetrate even the most impenetrable tombs, one cry to Me in Jesus Christ and I Myself will hasten to help the weak and tormented soul, and My adversary truly cannot stand firm against Me Myself, he has to leave because I paid the ransom and thus he has no further claim on the soul who wants to leave the grave of darkness, the grave of sin and destruction ....

Do you now understand the significance of My act of Salvation, of My sacrifice on the cross, which was achieved for the release of the once fallen beings? Do you understand why only your own will can lead to this salvation, why you yourselves have to want to leave the grave before I can roll away the gravestone?

My adversary lays claim to you as long as you grant him this right, as long as you don't resist the restraint he had put on you, as long as you don't call for the only One Who can remove this restraint. You only need your will and you will be free .... because you will receive the strength to free yourselves as soon as you acknowledge Me in Jesus Christ, as soon as you desire to be redeemed by Him and request His help. But then My adversary cannot hold on to you any longer, he has to release you, then he has to accept that I roll away the gravestone and help you to rise, for I acquired the right to do so through My death on the cross .... I paid the ransom on your behalf, and therefore it is not irrelevant whether or not you humans on earth acknowledge the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ .... because you are wretched as long as you stay in the grave .... And thus the day of resurrection will sooner or later come for every soul, just as I was resurrected on the third day, and you will live and eternally not lose your life again ....



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