Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 6941 11.10.1957

God's gift: the spark of love, a part of Himself ....

You are lacking light and strength because you are still imperfect. However, without light and strength you will not attain perfection either and would hopelessly have fallen prey to a wretched state were you not granted help and first given light and strength, which subsequently enables you to reach the state of perfection. Hence, at the beginning of your life on earth you are oblivious of the correlations, of the meaning of your earthly life and your task, you are completely without knowledge .... you are lacking light .... And if this is brought to you by way of being instructed of your earthly task then you, on the other hand, lack the strength to attain your spiritual perfection as long as you don't acquire the strength for yourselves, which can only ever happen through kind-hearted activity. And for the acquisition of this strength .... thus for being lovingly active .... you usually lack the will, because your imperfect state also signifies an exceedingly weakened will .... So this is how you are at the beginning of your earthly life which was only given to you to shape your imperfect nature into becoming perfect. Your life on earth would therefore be incredibly hopeless had God's love not granted you something to help you attain perfection again: He placed a minutely small spark of His infinite spirit of love into you .... This tiny spark of love is His share, it is inseparably united with Him, it is spirit from His spirit, light from His eternal essence of light and strength at the same time .... This tiny spark is capable of achieving a change in you so that all imperfection will fade away and enable you to leave this earth as radiant beings of light. But this requires you to kindle this tiny spark yourselves, that you provide it with nourishment so that it can spread out .... it requires you to allow the divine spirit of love to impel you into activity of love, for that is its task, it is God's help that this spiritual spark constantly tries to influence you from within to do works of love .... because 'love' equals 'light and strength', because ignorance and lack of strength fade away as a result of activity of love .... because love is the only mean to become as perfect again as the being was at the start. Without this spark of love no-one would reach this goal in earthly life, for the being had once completely rejected all of God's illumination of love of its own free will and was no longer able to love correctly, which is its legacy of the one who was the first to renounce God's love ....

Thus the human being is this once-fallen being which believed itself capable of existing without divine illumination of love .... Admittedly, it could no longer perish again but the state of a fallen being became a completely different one than as it was originally created .... For only love is the invigorating strength which enables the being to be blissfully active, without love the being is dead and in spiritual darkness and therefore must also feel tremendously wretched. Yet despite having formerly rejected His love God placed this minutely small spark of love into every human heart and so established contact between Himself and the person, which, however, must also be utilised by the person, because even this spark of love, the part of the divine spirit, does not coerce the human being's will. Nevertheless, with gentle urges it tries to influence this will to practice love, which then can ignite a flame in the person's heart spreading light and at the same time providing the person with strength to change his nature. Therefore it is possible for every human being to obtain light and strength for himself in earthly life, but since free will must not be excluded God's spirit of love remains in the background and does not compel a person into activity which causes his perfection .... on account of which countless people fail to make use of the great gift of grace and thus remain in darkness and weakness from which only activity of love can release the soul ....



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