Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7001 24.12.1957

The Christ-Problem ....
Trinity ....

All the angels bowed down to the Lord Who descended to earth .... For they knew that it was the beginning of an act of Salvation for the fallen spiritual beings, because God's infinite love Itself came to help His living creations which were staying in the abyss. The spiritual beings which had remained with God in the world of light were full of love for those who had fallen and were equally devoted to God in profound love, and this love became ever more glowing the more they realised the significance of the act of compassion which was to be accomplished for the fallen beings .... For they were aware of the deep gulf that had to be bridged in order that these fallen beings could reach the pinnacle again. And thus a soul, an originally created angel-spirit, offered to build this bridge, It offered God, the Eternal Love, to make amends on behalf of Its fallen brother for their past offence against Him. This soul's love for God and for Its fallen brothers in the abyss was such that It aimed to unite both again, and the Love which animated It was God Himself .... And therefore, when the soul of light embodied Itself on earth in the infant Jesus the eternal Love Itself descended to earth and thus 'God' became a 'human being' .... And the human shell in turn had to spiritualise itself through its life on earth, in the midst of dark surroundings it had to let the light within itself shine, through living a life of love it had to let itself be permeated completely by the Eternal Love .... And this accomplished the deification, so that everything about the man Jesus became love .... and thus Jesus became 'God' .... God's human manifestation in Jesus cannot be explained in any other way than the fact that the Eternal Deity .... Love .... manifested Itself in Jesus because He, as a soul of light having descended to earth, so shaped His human shell that it enabled God to take abode in it .... which would have been impossible in a heartless, sinful person .... And the unification of Jesus with God can equally only be understood as the complete deification of the man Jesus through love .... God sent His Son to Earth ....

These Words have to be evidence to you that the soul of the man Jesus came from above, that a most elevated spirit of light offered Himself for a mission on earth but which God Himself, the Eternal Love, carried out, for Love accomplished the act of Salvation, Love redeemed the guilt of sin, Love brought the fallen being deliverance from sin and death. However, the concept of 'love' is still incomprehensible to you humans because you have not shaped yourselves into love yourselves .... And until then you will be unable to grasp God's human manifestation and no Words will enlighten you about it as long as love has not been kindled in you to illuminate your spirit. But you must not think of 'God' and 'Jesus Christ' as two Beings, you must not speak of the 'Father' and the 'Son' in combination with the 'holy Spirit' in the same way as you hitherto imagined the 'Trinity of God' to be .... God and Jesus are One, and the strength of the spirit emanates from this Oneness because, again, it is an inseparable part of its nature, because God is love, wisdom and strength .... something spiritual which no-one is able to behold. But the eternal Deity manifested Itself in the man Jesus and became a visible God to His created beings .... And all the angels in Heaven praise and glorify Him, Who descended to earth for the love of His living creations which desired to see Him .... And He opened the gate to eternal bliss for all of them ....



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