Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7028 29.01.1958

Illness and suffering are necessary to purify the soul ....

Bear your cross with patience and don't waver in faith .... and remember that your Father in heaven knows about everything, that you are not alone in your adversity, that I walk next to you every step of the way as long as you remain mentally in contact with Me through prayer and kind-hearted activity, then you can confidently consider yourselves as one of My Own upon whom I keep My protective hands even if you are apparently helpless. However, you must trust Me and never doubt My love which only wants to shape you for an eternal life in beatitude. It concerns the salvation of your soul, the nature of which depends on the degree of light with which you enter the beyond after your physical death. Even if you only take thin layers across they will lessen the ray of light which can permeate your souls. If, however, you had discarded all layers then the unimpeded emanations of light will enable you to enjoy supreme pleasure ....

You will be incredibly happy in return for having endured just a very short painful earthly life .... Consider this and trust that I know this and also what you are capable of putting up with. However, in view of the near end My might will occasionally manifest itself as well, but only after a goal has been reached, after the soul's process of purification has been successful and the soul has recovered so that the body can be healed too, so that it can still be of service to Me in the last days. For it concerns the redemption of the souls, and every person who has not yet entirely handed himself over to Me suffers psychological hardship .... His soul is still ailing and in need of the right medicine which it shall receive from you, My servants of the last days. Soon the opportunities will have passed which at present can still help people to redeem their souls .... soon the end will have come for every person when he can no longer take care of his soul, when there is impenetrable darkness unless the soul has become receptive to light and its tribulation is over ....

But as long as the earth still exists and as long as a human being is still allowed to live on this earth he should make sure to cast off his thick layer so that his soul attains the light before nightfall. For the end is about to happen to you humans without fail, the night will take you by surprise without fail if you don't listen to Me or don't believe My Words. By no means need you be afraid because you can always rely on My love and mercy, but you must also request it .... You must also do something so that I can give you My love and mercy .... You must make an effort to dissolve the impurities surrounding your soul .... And because you often fail to do so I intervene and send adversities and diseases upon you which can achieve what you don't do of your own accord: to improve your soul so that it can enter the kingdom of the beyond in a light-receptive state. For even a low degree of light will make the soul happy .... But you can still raise this degree of light on earth if you humbly take everything upon yourselves .... if you bear your cross patiently and meekly and thereby participate in Jesus' path to the cross, if you follow him .... in love and in suffering .... Then your soul can spiritualise itself on earth already and be granted a fate in the kingdom of light which will make it inconceivably happy. And yet even the most arduous suffering shall not make you despondent, for I know when the cross becomes too heavy for you and will take it off you and carry it on your behalf .... You will truly find strong support in Me, since everything is possible for Me at all times .... But you must also appeal to Me for it with complete trust in My love, My wisdom and My might .... For they want to express themselves to My children, to those who are and want to remain My Own for all eternity ....



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