Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7042 14.02.1958

Healing the sick ....
Proclaiming Jesus Christ ....

Once someone has gained convinced faith in Me he will never ever lose it again, even if he is repeatedly confronted by temptations, weaknesses of faith, which everyone is subject to for as long as he lives on earth. But time after time he will take the path to Me again, Whom he has recognised as his God and Father of eternity. But there are people .... and they are the majority .... who don't believe as yet, who are still far removed from realisation because they are still very distant from Me. And every so often I grant such people special consideration in order to help them to believe. And these are the people who, through extraordinary actions, through healing the sick or different kinds of miracle-working shall be motivated to think about it .... yet always in combination with devout people .... so that I can first provide the evidence of Myself and My strength to those who believe and thereby encourage their fellow human beings to also seek contact with the One Whom they can recognise in these unusual occurrences.

And thus, many sick people are often simply chosen instruments who, through their faith, allow My working in them and at the same time help their fellow human beings to gain faith, for I will never let My strength become effective in a complete unbeliever, this is why the healers' spiritual vision can also distinguish whether faith healing can take place or not. This is why cures will not always happen, even if one of My spiritually awakened healers is at work .... because healing the soul is a priority, yet the healing of a complete unbeliever would more likely result in the soul's death than in its life .... This is also why faith healers are often attacked by worldly people who believe they can justify their attitude by the fact that not all healings are successful, that flaws become evident which, however, are precisely due to the said reason.

Consequently, the subject of 'miracle healing', too, remains a disputed one; people can believe it but they are not impelled to do so .... However, every believer will leave the result to Me, for his faith in Me also gives him the assurance that I will do whatever benefits the human being's soul .... In the last days, however, the signs and miracles will increase for it will be necessary to verify the strength of Jesus' name, so that His act of Salvation will be observed and unbelievers will still find Him before it is too late. And so .... wherever the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ is proclaimed .... many marvellous things shall yet manifest themselves .... Anyone who believes shall also serve Me as a witness so that My strength can become effective in him .... Anyone who has faith shall entrust his body's ailments to the proclaimers of Jesus Christ, so that I can demonstrate My might and strength through them and also help those who are still weak in faith or who have no belief at all in the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ .... For in view of the end you all should know that I will work in extraordinary ways and that I will make use of those who are strong in faith and in love ....



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