Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7051 28.02.1958

Destiny corresponds to free will ....

Everyone has to take the path marked out for him, even if he believes that he is able to determine his own destiny or to change its course .... For I have taken account of his will in My plan of Salvation, consequently, all events approach him such that his will can become active in a way that he believes he shapes his own destiny. Freedom of will is frequently doubted by you and yet it is every person's possession, for I will never force him to want something different .... But precisely this will of his is known by Me forever, therefore it is easily possible for Me to shape his course of life according to his will without enslaving it. Besides, it concerns his soul's development and this can successfully proceed even in the most diverse circumstances of life. For all happenings in life approach a person such that it can impress the soul, that it can look for and find the bond with Me .... which is the ultimate goal of earthly life in the first place. The reason why the human being often has to overcome difficulties, why he often can speak of a difficult earthly fate is only because it is intended to help him establish this bond with Me and I know full well what is best suited for this. Even if a person believes that he can arbitrarily reshape his life he can nevertheless not revoke My eternal plan of Salvation and determine his own destiny, for regardless what he does in earthly life .... he has no guarantee that his plan will succeed and continue, he will always have to take unforeseen circumstances into account, he will never be master over his earthly life and have to acknowledge a stronger Power Which intervenes and will often shatter his plans.

Every human being knows that he is subject to strokes of fate, he knows that, by using his earthly knowledge, he can certainly make contingency plans .... but he also knows that he has no certificate of guarantee for the success of his plans and that even superior intelligence and the best position in life do not guarantee complete success for his plans or the continuation of what he has achieved so far .... But once again I emphasise that even such efforts have been foreseen by Me and must find My agreement if they are to succeed .... For such efforts need not be futile for the human being's soul, and as soon as he merely acknowledges a higher Power Which can prevent him from receiving, but also give him Its blessing, the soul will have won, and the earthly success or loss he is granted will run accordingly. The human being's will remains free .... even if his life proceeds according to destiny, even if the person is seemingly motivated or prevented during his course of life. Admittedly, a complete unbeliever will always assume that he shapes his life according to his will and only the believer will recognise My guidance and My will in everything, and yet he knows that he has to use his will as well in order to derive a benefit from every situation in life. For this reason you humans should not be dissatisfied with how your earthly life proceeds, for it will truly always be most appropriate for the benefit your soul. But you must also remember it and always try to make contact with Me by joining Me for better or for worse .... Then your life will have been successful, regardless of what it might have brought you, for the union with Me must be established by your will, which is and will remain free, because you are My living creations, thus of divine origin ....



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