Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7193 23.10.1958

God wants to reveal Himself ....

Oh, listen within and you will discover wondrous things .... God's infinite love will reveal itself to you as well as His supreme wisdom; for everything surrounding you is His work, and He Himself will enlighten you about His reign and activity in order to make you happy and to make you receptive to the bliss again that was granted to you in the very beginning. You can go through earthly life entirely ignorant but also be brightly illuminated by the light of realisation if you accept what is offered to you .... if you listen to God's voice Who Himself says to you 'listen within, for I want to reveal Myself to you ....' His love for you will not diminish and did not even diminish when you turned away from Him and fell into the abyss .... For His whole nature is love and you, in your fundamental substance, are likewise love. In essence, you cannot separate yourselves from your God and Creator Who is love Itself .... you will forever be connected with Him. However, you volitionally distanced yourselves from Him and are therefore spiritually unenlightened and without realisation. But the light is nevertheless in you .... a tiny spark of divine light rests dormant within you and is at all times ready to illuminate your inner being and to spread an immeasurably brilliant light ....

God Himself is in you, for the spiritual spark in you is part of the Eternal Father-Spirit. Allow Him to speak to you, grant Him your attention, listen within, and thereby create happiness for yourselves on earth already, that you feel close to the One Who created you and that you dispelled the dark night which surrounded you before the light was able to shine in you. Frequently look for hours of inner reflection and totally hand yourselves over to the One from Whom you originated .... He will take hold of you and never exclude you again, He will speak to you and you will hear His voice, you will be united with Him and not abandon this bond again, and He Himself will guide you into the kingdom of light when your course of life is over. The fact that God wants to reveal Himself to you as a Father is certainly true .... Yet the fact that you desire to hear Him and listen within is the prerequisite that He will be able to reveal Himself. And the more heartfelt you hand yourselves over to Him, the clearer and more distinctly you will hear His Word .... However, you must believe that the Father wants to speak to His child. You must believe in His inconceivable love, and your love must impel you to Him .... Then you will hear what makes your soul joyful. You will become enlightened and in bright radiance take the path of ascent, you will walk heavenwards because you follow the light of eternity to the right goal ....



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