Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7216 28.11.1958

'Whosoever shall confess Me before men ....'

Anyone shying away from confessing Me before the world is not permeated by My spirit, he is just an empty vessel, a lifeless form without spirit and life, for life knows Me and also confesses Me to fellow human beings. And you will also be able to recognise the Christians who merely observe formalities by the fact that they anxiously avoid mentioning My name, that they do not speak about Me and My act of Salvation, that they only rarely let themselves be drawn into spiritual conversations and even then only with a sense of discomfort .... And you will recognise them as 'dead' followers. For wherever My spirit is able to work, My name will be confessed with the greatest of joy, the human being will be impelled from within to confess Me before the world .... If you then watch how rarely people behave in a 'Christian' manner, how they try to avoid everything relating to religion or Christendom .... be it in relation to church or other proclamations of the Word, if you watch how everything is only covered with secrecy, how people in company of others shirk from touching upon a subject which concerns God, Jesus Christ, the spiritual kingdom or the human being's task on earth .... then it is easy to guess what people's decision will be one day when it is necessary for them to confess or deny the One Who had redeemed the world from sin and death. Then only a few will stand up for Me and My name before the world with full conviction .... however, the majority will keep a low profile, perhaps not entirely having detached themselves in their heart but lacking the strength of faith in order to accept the consequences of a true confession .... Only a few will bear up against the pressures, My adversary's activity is approaching its end. Then it will be proven as to who is redeemed from sin and death, for only this person will loudly confess My name before the world, only he will summon the strength to resist when he is requested to renounce Me. Only a living faith will give people this strength, only a living faith will ensure the working of My spirit in the human being and thus also a certain confidence in My support during the time of the end. And this is the time when the separation of the spirits will take place, when it will become clearly obvious who belongs and wants to belong to My Own and whose Christianity has so far been a mere formality .... Then it will not be enough to be a follower of this or that school of faith, instead, a person must follow Me Myself in Jesus Christ, his bond with Me must be so alive that he cannot help loudly proclaiming My name as that of his God and Redeemer .... In that case he will also be accepted by Me, I will also confess him in the kingdom of light, I will fulfil My promise 'Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father ....' For he has acknowledged Me Myself in Jesus Christ, and the fullness of My spirit is in him .... Yet woe to those who renounce Me .... They still belong to My adversary's followers and are and will remain his for an infinitely long time again. However, they knew that I demand the acknowledgment of My name, they were not left in ignorance and must therefore also be answerable on the day of Judgment. Then I will come to judge the 'living' and the 'dead' .... Understand these Words correctly: Life only comes from Me, and anyone who is My Own will live .... but all those who turn away from Me by renouncing Me when the final decision is demanded of them will die .... And their number will be great, yet only small will be My flock which I will guide into beatitude ....



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